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Music for restaurants: 50 songs for a country wedding “Folk Songs”


Who has not dreamed of getting married in the field, a nice spring or summer afternoon, with the sun beating down, flowers in her hair, the tables on the grass, bulbs hanging from the trees. Bucolic air that we like and that makes us feel at peace with nature fits perfectly with the aesthetics folk, very fashionable for quite a few years.

And good, What music should sound that beautiful afternoon? Here I can help and I think a lot, because I am fascinated by acoustic sounds from many corners of the planet. In addition to making records with strong folk influence with my stage name Family Tree, our first album was named by critics "One of the best works of pop-folk music of recent times national"

Esta playlist es perfecta para todos esos restaurantes con zonas al aire libre, cenas o cualquier tipo de evento donde el lugar se casa con el ambiente.

¿Te ha gustado? Te recomiendo también que escuches estas playlists

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Cantante, guitarrista y compositor del grupo indie "La Familia del Árbol". Coleccionista de vinilos y buen conocedor de casi todos los restaurantes de carretera del país. God only Knows...


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