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Music for Restaurants: 50 songs for a dinner in Italy


The Italian cuisine is famous worldwide and therefore you do not need much explanation, all the love. His music is another matter, goes a bit like the film industry, if not in Anglo-Saxon language it costs more popular. Despite a long period of commercial success in the 80s′ and early 90′ in Spain, consumption has never become massive.

Nevertheless, like a revival of that time they were and thanks to platforms series and films streaming Netflix or HBO like and some of its series as Master of None or The Young Pope, Italian music sounds again anywhere in the world.

Thus, we decided to do our small tribute to this culture, gastronomy and music. This month we have a full collection of songs that Italian flavor, some are classics and others not so much change. Definitely, a perfect playlist to accompany the atmosphere of all the restaurants with a passion for Italian food. A perfect accompaniment for everything to be perfect. Our pasta is already Al dente!

Did you like this selection? So I recommend you also you hear these playlists:

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Singer, guitarist and songwriter of Indie "Family Tree". Vinyl collector and connoisseur of almost every country roadside restaurants. God only Knows...


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