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Music for restaurants: 50 songs for a perfect desktop


This month we opened a important innovation in our section “Music for Restaurants”, And is that from now I will count on the collaboration of musician friends, disc jockeys or music lovers who share my passion for gastronomy and music. People I've met over the years throughout the country and help us find new ideas or themes to create the perfect musical setting for a restaurant.

Be prepared for a series of playlist and moments that help your business a raising the temperature and improve the feeling with customers.

We start with Rio disc jockey You have created for us an exquisite session, a crescendo mixing Jazz, bossa nova and downtempo magic to fill that time is as sweet as dessert. The perfect way forward subtly into the cocktail.

The most sophisticated and exuberant French electronics, lively and rhythmically the Groove with the most danceable Breakbeat and self-assured They are making you put off while you take your first drink. The five senses at full capacity, PS Carioca. ear handles.

Raul Coloma ( Rio disc jockey )

Disc jockey for over 15 years, Dj audiophile before and eclectic in their styles. In the beginning it started clicking indie-pop and tecnopop to gradually evolve into more rhythmic styles such as breakbeat, groove, nu-disco o french house. He has performed his music in many of the best pubs, nightclubs or restaurants in the area of ​​Alicante.

Now is enjoying his residence in the restaurant TERRE and engrossed in their own catering business La Bamba takeaway.

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