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“Google My Business is one of the most effective tools for a restaurant”. Oskar Garcia Interview, CEO and founding partner of Food Fighters


“One of the most effective tools to make a restaurant or have a business positioning visible and properly know its audience is My Business de Google”, states Oscar García, CEO and one of the founding partners Food Fighters, who recommends using Google's own tools to achieve a company get a better positioning in Internet.

"We have tools that are not attending Google. They are not magic, but if we ignore, not help us optimize our local without resorting to third parties ", Explain Garcia in an interview to our newspaper.

Garcia addressed this issue, which he is an expert, their participation in the #TeatroDigital who led @diegocoquillat during #ExpoHip2018 in Madrid. "Google is a search engine, but it is also much more. I geolocates, and informs me popular forms of business, me from a Street view, It leads me to visit, and it allows me to comment on the business we have visited”, exposed. He 96% of Internet searches worldwide are done through Google.

QUESTION: What are the keys that enable a business position using the tools offered by Google?

ANSWER: The first thing is My Business de Google (which is a free and easy to use) for manage online presence in other products such as Google Maps, allowing them to find my local.

My Business gives my business the look I want have. The information displayed is controllable because we control. throws us statistics directly and indirectly, She tells me where customers come, where they call us. This platform provides many relevant data that allows us to know a little more to our audience.

If we have to share content is important to use Google Drive, If we create an event must use Google Calendar, If we want to promote videos must use YouTube, or transmit live with Hangouts.

Google rewards users for the use of their tools, and this will allow greater and better visibility in the search.

P: What other tricks you recommend to those who want to achieve effective positioning in this search?

R: This would not be proper for Google but our digital environment. In reviewing some tips we must start with the importance of having a well structured web, agile; with videos, Photos and quality content; with images labeled correctly; very focused search through mobile. If photos positioned, better positioned videos.

Our website should be a secure site. Google gives relevance to safe places and prioritizes https instead of http protocols. also grants prioritize content, and semantic links because it facilitates the search for their own content.

Google has a planner words I should use on my page. What we must never do is abusing keywords. This is an important factor for positioning.

On the other hand, all that I can move on social networks It will help my business better position.

further, whatever is provide content and aspects that can be consulted from the mobile refers to our position. platforms like TripAdvisor O Fork They are perfectly adapt to these devices. Mobile we stuck the hand. He 80% searches were made through mobile. Anything you can check available content in the palm of my hand is crucial.

P: Google likes to look at the navel. A home can be positioned without having to checkout? If I pay for Adwords improves my positioning?

R: In theory when you pay for ads there is an echo bouncing off the organic. The result is that you are paying.

P: Do restaurants have no choice but to play in the digital environment?

R: At the moment, no. It's just like when people ask me about Facebook. But, Is it that we have to be on Facebook? Yes, while there. We have a Googledependencia. Y, at the moment, we need to be playing rules Google, and how much better we do, Maybe we will go.

P: Food Fighters Since you have talked about Google as if it were a god. In the future we will continue married to Google?

R: Yes. Every time we will be more dependent and have to accept the rules of the game. If you do not adapt, You're going to have a problem. Our philosophy is to think that because it touches me deal with this and do not have many options, If all searches are passing by, and people find me through this, Maybe I'll get along.

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