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Nace “Amazon Restaurants”


Amazon creates a division to deliver orders takeout restaurants to their customers and compete in a market with enormous growth potential.

In March this year a figure in the US that will likely change the future of the restaurant industry was published, for the first time in history, Americans spent more dollars in restaurants than in supermarkets.

This is the article published in your day: “Americans already spend more in restaurants than in supermarkets”

Is greater spending Americans in restaurants than in supermarkets

This fact seems to have not gone unnoticed by the big American companies, both in the hospitality sector and other sectors. They do not want to miss the “economic bite” which may involve the continuation and growth of this trend over the years.

Amazon, the American company world leader in e-commerce, It has announced the launch of a new division, initially in Seattle and New York, which name is “Amazon Restaurants”, with a clear objective, Include in its home delivery service ordering restaurants.

It has already begun recruiting staff, 15 Job positions, for this new division is being carried out through LinkedIn and your own job portal.

Working restaurants new Amazon divisionYou can even see, doing a search on Linkedin, as there are some users who have incorporated into his new job profile within Amazon Restaurants.

New additions to Amazon restaurants

But it is not only looking for staff, but in the city of Seattle it has been associated with restaurants for the first tests of food delivery, completely free for customers of its premium service, They pay 99$ year, but everything suggests that will be expanded to other cities in the coming months.

Undoubtedly the creation of a specific division for restaurants is a clear sign that Amazon is preparing an entry into a new niche market that is increasingly competitive, mainly in the US with companies like UberEats O Grubःub, the latter based in Chicago and over 30.000 distributed throughout the country restaurants.

Clearly, the company is diversifying its products initially were based on books and electronic, expanding these and even offering customers the opportunity to book all types of professional services.

Some days ago, He commented on the lecture I gave at Synergy, a space for reflection on the sector in San Sebastián Gastronomika, the next most likely global industry leaders will not be traditional hospitality companies, but technology companies selling hospitality. Definitely, this new addition this hypothesis Amazon rubrica, and even it makes me go further and questioning the next challenge that could raise companies like Amazon or Google, and it is taking dominant positions, control or monopoly in the sector through investment or purchase of large groups or companies restaurants. Time will tell, but as you know, I will be very attentive.

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