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Born ClubDiegoCoquillat, the first International Innovation Club for Restaurants


Today is a very important day for this digital newspaper and also for my. I am very happy to introduce a new project that fills me with enthusiasm and I've been working on for over a year.

Today I want to introduce the ClubDiegoCoquillat, the first International Innovation Club for Restaurants, born with the aim of providing a space capable of combining digital information, resources and training around innovation in the restaurant industry.

In the many conferences, lectures and courses I have taught in recent years in different parts of the world, attendees always ask me the same question, How to innovate in a restaurant? The ClubDiegoCoquillat wants to give a concrete answer, and actual practice this need to become that support, the partner or that guide all directly or indirectly related to the sector person needs, regardless of their position or responsibilities, to ensure that innovation is one of the engines in their personal and professional growth.

Birth of a digital space created to promote knowledge-based network, ideas and collaboration around innovation, a networking and business opportunities for its members. With access to news, courses, webinars, tools, events, books and resources for its members exclusive.

The cost of club membership is symbolic, 5€ / mes, because I do not want anyone, regardless of their economic capacity, either a student or the highest executive of a large company in the sector, you can stop access this area of ​​knowledge and innovation, but also it represents a contribution that will help maintain human resources and materials.

The ClubDiegoCoquillat born with an international dimension, not belong to any country, or any nationality, anyone regardless of their origin, place of residence or language may belong to the club and enjoy its contents.

It is a space for reflection and binding partners, an open window to the world allow to discover new trends, new ways of understanding the sector, new management methods and new technologies in an environment increasingly complex and changing, where each member can know, be able to select those ideas or examples that really add value personally or professionally reflect and.

Being a member of ClubDiegoCoquillat is to promote and support a project that focuses on innovation as one of the basic pillars to improve competitiveness and managing a hotel business, enhancing personal creativity and idea generation in this new era of change to the global restaurant industry faces.

Welcome to the only digital space that promotes awareness of innovation in hospitality, Welcome to the first international club for restaurants, welcome to my club.

Want to know the advantages of being a member of ClubDiegoCoquillat?

Advantages of ClubDiegoCoquillat

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