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Nace Foster, the first restaurant 'intelligent’ in Latin America based on the Amazon model


There is a place where gastronomy merges technology and automation. A restaurant no cash or cash or waiters; Only a few tablets, the automated boxes and pleasant background music. Raw food but also the efficiency, time and tranquility.

This is the new restaurant has opened its doors in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina, the first of its kind in Latin America. It is a business based on the Amazon model, but even more advanced for the customer.

His name is Foster and created with the aim of "making life easier for people", He explains its creator Martin Zucker, one of the three entrepreneurs behind this new establishment, by Guido Stella and Mariano Fernández.

Is the first restaurant in Argentina who does not accept cash and the first in Latin America that has automated the entire process. The concept of this new business is very similar to the no supermarket cashiers Amazon, which opened the first earlier this year in Seattle (U.S).

But the big news this ‘fast food gourmet’, as I define it like its creators, are the times of waiting to enjoy the food. Once the customer order and payment through the tablets located for this purpose, You must go to a panel boxes where your name will appear and you can pick up your order to eat there or take. It is process can last between 30 seconds and three and a half minutes. In that time interval, the consumer will list your meal.

"We want to improve the quality of life of people. Normally, there is usually little time for lunch and much is lost ordering and paying for food. We want to allow people to place your order quickly and efficiently ", Zucker argues in several Argentine media.

When the customer enters the local, you just have to go to one of the tablets where you can order your food. The options are varied, from tasty juices through to desserts flavored waters. yes, Foster wanted to, despite the concept of fast food, their products are especially nutritious and healthy “with fresh ingredients and high quality”.

The menu chosen by the customer is prepared in the kitchen, a kind of automated terminal with chefs trained in handling technology Y, in a few seconds or minutes, the dishes are ready.

further, The system aims to make the process as quickly as possible. For this reason, Foster is situated in an area of ​​Buenos Aires with high labor and tourism Monday through Friday. Hence it provides for the possibility of creating a personal user to record the preferences of each customer and payment method, with the aim of expediting increasingly the process and provide the most personalized experience possible.

When the consumer has finished ordering your menu, proceeds to card payment, debit credit. This is the Foster only handled formula with Mercado Pago platform, with the operating. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​its founders is that, one breve, customers can pay with other cards, with prepaid and even QR codes generated by payment applications.

This model restaurant, where other attractions for business people as plugs USB ports are also included to work for food, It opened just a month ago after almost two years of work on the project.

According to its creators, in these first weeks, Foster has developed a similar to that of a restaurant activity 400 square meters in just 50. It also optimizes the concept of space. Although, yes, recognize that at the beginning people flocked to the local more attracted by the innovative nature of the process rather than the purely gastronomic question.


Precedents' restaurants robot’

This type of establishment, only has a history in the United States and Japan and Germany.

Eatsa It is the best example. It is headquartered in the city of San Francisco and is a fully automated restaurant company. Food orders are received through iPads and also serves on automatic machines. The whole process is done without human presence, at least for the customer, because the kitchens have not yet reached this point robotización.

The latest news we have of this American chain and its operation is that It has already expanded the model to Intelligent Platform Wow Bao restaurants.

At the moment, Foster only operates with the model of physical location but in the near future does not rule incorporate apps that allow delivery. Everything will go!

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