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Nace Wheel House, the first restaurant owned by Pepsi


American brand with a long list of multinationals like McDonald's or Coca Cola joins with the aim of increase its market share beyond selling soft drinks and snacks

The company PepsiCo It is known worldwide for marketing products such as Lay´s, Ruffles, Cheetos, Doritos, Gatorade, Kas o 7 UP. Nevertheless, many people are unaware of this fact and associated almost exclusively its existence to that of Pepsi, one of the quintessential soft drinks. The other is, undoubtedly, Coca Cola. Both have been and remain a major source of profits for their companies: in Spain, for example, one of the latest research shows that each inhabitant spends half 35,9 euros per year for consumption.

The rise of healthier drinks

Nevertheless, in recent years This type of soft drinks have lost ground in favor of energy drinks, Bottled water and even teas due to the increased concern in the population healthy living where the calories and sugar levels are not fired. Such is the change that we have seen soft drink distributors are losing 2% market each passing year. Given this data, Big players have been forced to offer more alternatives “healthy” such as Coca Cola Light, Coca Cola Zero, Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi.

The change in the business strategy of the major soft drink companies

Consumer preferences They have not only promoted the birth of soda with less caffeine or sugar, but they have pushed companies to market other products such as gazpacho, milk, juices or aperitifs. And it is that not only soda human lives as gains PepsiCo show that these only account for a quarter of total revenue of the multinational.

Despite this, it seems that enterprise policy of these companies goes beyond selling products while so many are doing since the start of the new decade is to invest in restoration.

Marks start up their own restaurants

There are many brands that have opted in recent years by the hotelier world, even some who would not believe as Vogue, with Vogue Cafe; Armani, with Armani Ristorante; Versace, with Palazzo Versace O Cavalli, with his Cavalli Club.

What these empires fashion is looking for success in a sector hitherto unknown to them using a similar name in order that the public associate it with an image that already knows and enjoys great prestige. If there is the slightest doubt about the uniqueness of these places so I'll just say in Palazzo Versace Smoothie costs about 50 Dollars.

Kola House, the first restaurant of Pepsi

Returning to Earth, fans Pepsi They must know that this spring will be the opening of the first restaurant company. Located in the Meatpacking District, from New York, It is expected to be one of the most fashionable city with more than 500 square meters in which, In addition to space for dining, there will be a bar with live music and an enabled area for holding events. It will not be a temple to extol the flagship brand because only there will be a small logo Pepsi and no bottles or advertising bags.

The words of Seth Kaufman, marketing director beverage area PepsiCo in the United States have revealed that “the goal is to create a modern place for consumers to share social experiences around the taste of our craft glue”. The menu Kola House It will be completely handmade and it will be included inspired by the kola nut dishes, a bitter fruit that contains caffeine.

As for drinks noteworthy that there will be all kinds of cocktails and soft drinks, which will be a test market to meet the acceptance “new” products. And it is to be submitted to Pepsi in premium category with glass containers and small cans at prices higher. a soft drink called Caleb will also honor the inventor of Pepsi, Caleb Davis Bradham.

Coca Cola already knows what is to succeed in the world of restoration

If the restaurant run by PepsiCo It is still in “diapers”, Coca-Cola Company You can show your appreciation for the great success of your project in Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2013 opened its doors to the public the first theme restaurant Coca Cola, a dining room where locals can enjoy a unique experience thanks to a menu where you can not miss its famous soft drink. Each of the dishes takes this ingredient so special: scallops with mango salad and molecules Coke, Veal with barbecue sauce Coca Cola, milk sorbet with Coca Cola…

Not just the food revolves around this drink because decoration also honors the brand and the restaurant turns into a whole museum which it houses memorabilia from the last century as trays, calendars and containers.

A great opportunity, definitely, to promote their products had already implemented several times. Just begun last decade of the 90, Coca-Cola Company opened in Atlanta -the city where his headquarters- a permanent exhibit called “World of Coca Cola”. It tells the story of the multinational is presented and invites visitors to watch videos, enjoy attractions, access to merchandising or appreciate the taste of the flagship product with all kinds of tastings.

McDonald's continues to surprise its customers

Despite being a chain of fast food restaurants fully consolidated worldwide, McDonald´s You not want to miss the opportunity to expand its market share in response to customer needs.

At least that is what has hinted its premises in India, to whom he entrusted the Big Mac replaced with beef -made- by Maharaja Mac -of chicken- because of the religious beliefs of Hindus. The initiative goes beyond while the length and width of that country, McDonald divides its two kitchens: one prepares vegetarian food while the other prepares dishes with white meat, that is to say, chicken and fish.

In Europe hamburger giant has also begun to meet the demands of the vegetarian population and recently put up for sale, currently only in Germany, the “Veggie Clubhouse”. It is a vegetarian burger whose main ingredient is the Peruvian quinoa.

As we have seen, the business of restoration captures the attention of multinational what, although they are aimed at a very specific sector, They do not hesitate to invest in it their time and money. Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Coca Cola and now Pepsi They add to a long list that the brand image is used to promote a totally different product to that seen so far. Who will be the next?

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