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Born smart dishes absorb fat from food


Virtually everyone has dreamed of in your life with the possibility of eat and not get fat, a utopia only available to very few people, who they boast against the rest of humanity from its privileged metabolism, It is enabling them to gain weight despite eating less absolute freedom.

But today a new sun shines for those who do not consider gluttony as a mortal sin, And the latest innovation that has reached kitchens shaped dishes have a dishes, able to absorb fat and oil food that contain.


The same food means fewer calories

These dishes brand Hello, are able to absorb the oil containing a plate may reach remove up 300 calories. Because the food preferred by most of us, it is often too greasy, oily and calorie, also resulting, certainly harmful to our health.

These dishes will prevent you deprive yourself of a good meal. Thanks to a special mechanism holes that absorb Oil, and avoid eating between 300 Y 420 calories per dish.


The technical intricacies of the mechanism of absorption and patterns are the result of years of research Higher Technical School of Engineering of the University of the Basque Country.

For the moment, already available on the market At a price of 18 Unit euros. Packs two units or four, worth 14,99 euros 13,99 euros, respectively.


We look forward to the evolution of this innovative dishes and their relationship forward with restaurants, for it could be no doubt, a perfect claim.

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