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Nestlé is committed vegan burger to enter a market that moves thousands of millions of euros in a few years


In a society posescasez, people can worry about issues beyond our mere survival. Even though we do not live in such a society, in the first world have, at least generally, covers nutritional needs.

It has therefore not surprise us that movements like vegetarianism or veganism They have recently emerged strongly. These movements seek alternative protein sources to reduce animal suffering or is motivated by different beliefs, the ethical lifestyles.

During millennium so far the growth of these food philosophies have not stopped growing, to the point that many businesses catering and food shops have specialized in serving this demographic.

Many of the people who once refused to join free diets animal products made this decision based on the quality of old food substitutes; highly processed soy products, often rough to the touch, bland to taste, Y from organoleptic characteristics not at all comparable with meat.

But since then, There have been many advances that have been made. many, since vegetarian and vegan communities always urges lovers of good meat to give a chance to new items respectful of animal life.

Along with this ethical message, Sometimes other arguments that are gradually taking greater significance in the population are accompanied. One of the most notorious is the fact that regardless of the livestock we would fight climate change global.

In this new landscape of respect for life livestock and caution to changes in our planet, There are many companies who are interested in to market vegetarian versions of everyday products.

One of the latest in this niche business comes from the hand of the food company Nestlé, which has just announced the intention to develop a hamburger plant-based ingredients, and nut milk or latte de espirulina.

Nestle pounces on the market of vegan burgers

Nestle expects its business volume associated with vegan food reaches 1000 million in just ten years. An appetizing cake like this can not be marching.

Although Nestlé has already groped market, the explosive growth in recent years, coupled with the fact that there is some stagnation in sales of dairy products and meat, Nestlé have caused reconsider its position in the market where, among other products, sells precooked sausages and hams.

The first step in this facelift be a burger made with soybean and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. But behind the legendary steak for fast food will come other equally innovative products.

They develop in the R & D + i has Nestle City Lausanne (Switzerland). There is investigated, plus potential applications of vegetable protein sources widely used nowadays, other proteins that could completely transform the market for vegan foods.

In fact, as it regards milk replacers, they are making important discoveries. Instead of soy they are using nuts and cranberries to produce a slightly purplish hue milk in which they are putting all their hopes. If the tests are favorable market, They could dominate this segment of supermarkets.

And that's really important. According to the words of Stefan Palzer, chief technology officer for Nestlé, he "Vegetarianism has never been so popular before and is here to stay, I am convinced '.

What is less clear is how it will. Although vegetarianism and veganism seen as a homogeneous mass from outside, if we look at each of the individuals who make these movements observe that this assertion could not be further from reality. Palzer commented about: "By delving into consumer trends, we find that there has been little change in the last two years about what is what consumers define as a healthy diet ".

Make the right choices now it is what will make the Swiss giant maintain its privileged position in coming years.

Competition in the market for vegetarian food

Nestle is not alone in this race, and their managers know plenty. Demands for vegetarians and vegans are heard by rival companies such as Unilever, corporation best known in Central Europe and operating from UK and Netherlands, and it has already shown what their intentions in this niche to buy The Vegetarian Butcher, draw a line of vegan snacks and even he has been involved in a strange contradiction related picturesque vegan mayonnaise.

A well-established with the usual ability to execute winning strategies trading company. But one can not belittle newbies. And here we have an emerging company funded by Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio, no more no less. It's about the start-up Beyond Meat.

further, foods derived from plants that replace the meat of life are not the only ones that are appearing on the scene.

Although still too expensive, we have seen some small advances which bring us the future butcheries: laboratory meat. Meat Lab, also known by many other exotic names like synthetic meat or artificial meat, It is nothing but a culture of muscle cells.

For now the prices of these foods are derisory, making it impossible to marketing, but there is a race to increase efficiency in procurement processes that substantially reduce imports, even below traditional alternatives.

Do we expect a future where farms have stalls but basements with bioreactors and soybean crops? If the tendency to adopt the veganism and vegetarianism continues to rise, it's a posibility. And if so, Nestle seems to want to remain one of the leading suppliers in this scenario.

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