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Nighthawk: the restaurant serving breakfast triumphing at night


Surely more than one and one he has coveted ever one breakfast the past ten p.m.. A couple of pancakes with cream, toast or a croissant washed down with a good coffee, or has a, why not, un gin-tonic. But Where do we go at midnight to ask such a menu without laugh at us or look at us with a face we could have absconded from the asylum?

The people of Los Angeles (California) no longer have that problem. Just they have to approach the area where it meets Hollywood Nighthawk Breakfast Bar, a new location where they serve what they themselves called breakfast late-night. The style of such popular television programs in the United States that are issued after midnight.

This is the new project Jeremy Fall, one of the great entrepreneurs in the world of angelina night and now known as the creator of a revolutionary new concept. already 2014 Magazine store He claimed that Fall had completely changed the business of night in the city with the opening of its bars Golden Box and Genesis, but the ambition of this young 26 years did not end there and now has launched its night breakfast, very well received by the citizens of L.A.

The peculiar thing about this idea is eclectic that can become your audience. No matter if you're about to start a hard working day or night if you go to work the many. Nor if after a walk you have decided to stop to take something warm before going to bed or if the form of heat a night out with friends. Here everyone is welcome to several very complete menus that will delight lovers breakfast. But, Attention, because not every day opens, only from Wednesday to Saturday from 8 pm to 2 am.

We are not talking about normal menus and currents. All of them breakfasts are gourmet, of those who enter through the eye and taste even on the palate. The egg is the main feature on each plate, especially in one of its star products: Eggs "Benedict". We also have French toast smeared with pear brandy, red pear compote and mascarpone mousse, or the entire sandwich-biscuit, carrying homemade sausage, Gruyere cheese, rocket, mustard vinaigrette, how not, egg. It sounds pretty appetizing, true?.

Although the biggest claim in this restaurant are nocturnal lunches, why you not have this option decantarte. No longer a cocktail bar, so also it offers a wide range of drinks and cocktails for those who prefer to start the night in the old style.

Even You mezlcar possible both concepts and accompany your breakfast with combined preferred or try the "cereal milk”, a kind of smoothie and cocktail all in one. Definitely, It is the great success among customers and you have to be quick to get before they last. Only then you can choose from three varieties: Fruity (pieces of fruit and gin), Cocoa (cocoa seeds cognac) Y Honey Nut (Cheerios cereal and bourbon).

In case anyone is wondering, the name comes from the Edward Hopper's famous painting realized in the year 1942 and it has inspired when decorating the local. The point is that not only love the cuisine, but through the atmosphere also captivates, as it has the charm of a retro-modern cafe but without losing the dark lighting that usually reign in a night pub and It gives a touch even more mystical and attractive. further, a DJ entertains every night with music 80 and the 90, a perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable night.

Definitely, Los Angeles take us years ahead. With a simple business that combines pub night and have breakfast café evenings gladdened those craving fresh morning before the drinks and while, we have to make do with hot take drinks and some pastries. Raise your hand if you want to import to our country the idea of ​​night breakfast

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  1. Mariana Marchetto on

    It has been very interesting article: “the restaurant serving breakfast triumphing at night”, idea to replicate elsewhere… it strikes me as possible places to try Las Cañitas, Las Lomitas, among others…

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