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"You can not live without the 2.0", Cipri Quintas Silk&Soya, ganador de The Best Digital Restaurant_Indie 2018


This award-winning restaurant The Best Restaurant_Indie 2018 He celebrated its award on Instagram with a drawing for a dinner for two. A clear example of what their idiosyncrasies. Upon receiving recognition, its owner and creator, Cipri Quintas, he wanted to share it with the team that manages its digital activity. "The award is to be surrounded by the best in the world, my fellow Silk&Soya and those who feed us, our customers-friends ".

Silk&Soy is a specialized restaurant Japanese cuisine, Thai and Spanish, located in Alcobendas, Madrid. On its website shows the different environments that make up your local: restaurant, bistrot and club, In addition to reporting on events like Friday / Saturday Party, Singles and Silk. The variety of his letter with prices, the menu and the option to reserve online free also present in your page as fundamental elements.

Yet the Where revista in editing your 20 anniversary, in which collected the 101 more groundbreaking ideas, He started to Silk&Soya at No. 15 "In recognition of its innovation and application of cutting edge technology at the service of a unique dining experience".

Silk&Soya developed a application where diners can see through your mobile or tablet how it will be the dish you ordered and even how to prepare, along with a letter in augmented reality.

In Facebook, has a community of more than 18 thousand followers and some opinions that give a score 4.6 on 5, in which stands out very positively which is a lovely restaurant, Romantic, and well attended; or a charming and very exclusive place, with a truly exquisite food made with care.

In Twitter, They communicate with almost 6 thousand followers that well give them the best home tricks cough or expose their social responsibility campaigns.

As Quique Dacosta and Starbucks, Silk&Soya # TheBestDR18 has been recognized for having worked to manage disruptive change and digital transformation process in the hospitality sector in Spain.

QUESTION: How has learning Silk&Soy digital?

ANSWER: Back in 2008 I had a good friend living in New York and I started talking about Facebook and social networks to communicate. Since then, I had the intuition that the way we relate would change, and it had to adapt to it in the different fields of our life, logically included in business.

I was so convinced that 2009, together with some fantastic partners who trusted me, I set up a digital marketing company www.valordeley.es. from Silk, we went pioneers in Spain to bet on the digital side applied to the hotel Y, through the great team Grit, We gave way to social and digital part of Silk& Soya.

P: How has it impacted your business in digital?

R: You can not live without 2.0. He 2.0 It is a tool to go to 1.0, ie the embrace, to serve the dish, to look at customer. Have a good visibility on Google helps us be found for those who do not know us and through social networks we empower our clients with identification, we present the restaurant, our activities and we try to encourage positive memory of Silk. We always put ourselves in the user's skin, customer and we try to offer them what they want, what you need, the serve, We give them answers, the entretenemos, As physically we do in the restaurant. Sorry restaurant as an extension to strengthen and create experience.

Pioneers with a letter augmented reality to visualize the dishes

P: How do you use Silk&Soya technology to improve the customer experience?

R: As an example, We pioneered a letter to augmented reality that allows through mobile display real way dishes, We treat complaints or suggestions from our customers through social networks, even we make reservations through social channels. It's a paw business we try to look like any other. He customer experience today extends beyond the physical.

P: What impact do social media growth Silk&Soya?

R: Currently, we have a community of nearly 30.000 people in our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter y Youtube), that contribute, and surely we attend in person at Silk&Soya. It's a way to get to know us, to know your preferences, their likes, their desires, It is a place that fosters communication, connection with our customers or future customers.

Proud recognition of digital management

P: How important are awards The Best Digital Restaurants for the HORECA sector in Spain?

R: The sector can not live behind the digital reality of today. These awards make tangible for the catering sector importance involves the use of new technologies and new forms of communication for our business. Years ago I am a follower of the path of Diego, I was visionary in this regard and time has proved him right. He is proud that he and his team have awarded the work from Grit do in the digital management of Silk&Soya, And also in its first edition!

Photographs of May Zircus

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