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Normogel Burns, safe and secure hands in restaurant kitchens


Chefs hands are magic tools that can delight us with new creations that offer us the opportunity to enjoy new and excellent flavors. But it is also true, the hands of chefs and cooks rather suffer, especially when we burn oil or a hot object. For this reason it is always necessary to have on hand, stored in your kitchen, a Bote of Normogel Burns.

Normogel Burns hydrogel is a natural oil spray with tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia which is perfect to treat minor burnings, Scald, common everyday situations to say in a professional kitchen. With a bottle of Normogel Burns You can work in peace inside the kitchen. Hereinafter, when you jump a little oil or water boiling, and if you touch a hot object too, You can immediately relieve.

Thus, If we talk about those “must have” you can not miss in your kitchen, with oil, salt and spices pot Normogel Burns it has become essential to continue working comfortable and pain, in case of having the typical burn.

Become a real cook without fear of burn

Once we have given solution to the issue of burns in restaurant kitchens, it's time to dare with all kinds of innovative recipes and fun; with flambé, torches, water baths, tempuras. We will not have more fear of getting burned since we now have the perfect solution.

For you to let go, Normogel Burns He has risen to its Youtube channel a whole selection of recipes designed by David Marcano where you can learn to implement a lot of delicious cooking tips. As well You can download a PDF with all recipes chef on Masterchef contestant.

Kitchen in your home as a chef

further, you will be able to participate in the draw performing Normogel Burns, a book recipe entitled "Home cooking as a chef"Whose author is the television and media chef Jordi Cruz. Participates filling this poll and share with anyone who may be interested.

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