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Developments in the Platform 10Restaurantes.es: New panel of big data to help restaurants to get more events


10Restaurantes team has just announced a new utility that has incorporated in its platform that will allow restaurants optimize its activity. Now they can make better decisions by having detailed information for managing groups and events.

For restaurants, as for any other company, have updated and quality information can bring great advantages in choosing their actions and identify areas of improvement for your business.

Developments in 10Restaurantes.es

Developments in 10Restaurantes.es

This highly competitive environment in which restaurants must fight every day, It requires constant decision-making and optimization of time to ensure profitability. For it, the best ally that any business or restaurant owner can count, is information.

ordinates statistics tables to have all the important information about the activity of your restaurant

It is a statistics panel that provides the ability to monitor all the information of what each restaurant is doing or could do in 10Restaurantes.es. With a much more intuitive and usable seaworthiness, This new implementation will give restaurants the ability to better plan your strategy through data and trends that will optimize decision making.

1.- Events received

Events received

Here we can see total number of requests received events Restaurant. You can see in a bar graph as month progresses the number of events that you receive, can establish clearly and at a glance, in which months of the year your restaurant has more activity and opportunities to work.

2.- proposals sent

proposals sent

This chart refers to number of budgets that the restaurant has sent in response to requests received events. Are you taking advantage of the well tool? Do you get enough requests? Do you take a check on the proposals? Now all these doubts will be dispelled at a glance, as you can see the evolution of your work with budgets that you send every month and divided by years.

3.- potential diners

potential diners

This statistic shows the total number of diners who would add all requests for events received a restaurant, an ideal way to make a proper estimate of revenue support, control costs, etc…

4.- potential gains

potential gains

This bar graph, restaurants attached to our platform can meet the total amount in euros totaling all requests for events that you have received and measure the potential of their participation in the platform.

As you can see, 10Restaurantes.es still working on improve service and bring new profits for both restaurants, in order that they can get all the events and services for groups wishing, and customers, who tried to segment the results to obtain the best proposals for your events.

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