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New to restaurants generation Z-oriented and technology presented at the Innovation Summit Restaurant


At the Summit of innovation in the restoration of the National Association of Restoration EE. THE. which it was held in Dallas (Texas) two of the panels presented attracted most of the attention of attendees.

One of them was on the consumption behavior generation Z, with special emphasis on how businesses can connect to restore this cohort of people, currently aged between 14 and the 23 years.

Talk could not have had better speakers; four young under 24 years were responsible for providing their perspectives to the audience.

There are five points presented:

  • Instagram is the number one choice when communicating. Social networks maintain their relevance among younger generations, but among all Instagram takes the cake. Bet on this platform is an investment in the future, because in coming years will exceed even Facebook. Users of this site are curious about what they are eating their contacts, and that is why we never fail snapshots of the most appetizing dishes.
  • The e-mails are outdated. Having a mobile phone in your hand or pocket, Why should a young generation Z abandon the convenience and comfort to check your inbox. The reality is that it will not. However yes They read text messages that reach your cell.
  • The gamificación loyalty programs and rewards intrigue young. The information in these systems is paramount, to spur consumption customers have to know when to reach the next bonus.
  • Sustainability is important, and so are the securities companies. Social actions by restaurants can be put into value for promotional purposes.
  • He take away It is not the only option. Z generation perceives the value of orders for home delivery, but not all benefits. In some instances the food cools and moistens, and then it is preferable to visit the restaurant.

This generation promises to become one of the most important for the catering industry in the next decade. Should know who will serve in the coming years.

El otro panel que causó furor fue el de Jinsoo An. En este caso la temática de la conferencia trató sobre tecnologías de realidad virtual y de realidad aumentada, y en especial sobre sus capacidades transformativas a la hora de comer en un restaurante.

Uno de los casos presentados generaba un juego protagonizado por animales de la jungla con el cual se pretendía animar a los comensales a decantarse por ingredientes vegetales. Otro de los proyectos que se desarrollan desde la empresa a la que pertenece Jinsoo An, Project Nourished, emplea formas, colores y movimientos virtuales para modificar las percepciones sensoriales del comensal durante la comida.

Ambas presentaciones nos hablan de un futuro que, antes de que nos demos cuenta, estará aquí.

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