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November 2015: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants


We present the most relevant dates of November 2015 with the intent to help you find ideas or excuses marketing activities for your restaurant.

Traditionally the most significant day is 1 of November, all Saints Day, in which we remember those who are no longer with us. As usual, every celebration is accompanied by their respective dishes and sweets. Here they are representative of holy bones, the fritters, panellets and, as, roasted chestnuts.

But increasingly we are assimilating new habits and customs, for example, it has become very fashionable on Thursday 26 ‘Thanksgiving day'Or Thanksgiving, preceding the already established 'Black Friday’, where the starting signal is given to holiday shopping.

We have also included dates and American culinary events calendar (#usa), as they pose a very interesting contribution from two points of view, on the one hand the ability to generate excuses related to marketing in restaurants, and other, any adjustments to these events in Spain in the future, as is the case of 'Thanksgiving day'. It should be noted that November is the month of lovers peanut butter and banana pudding, and vegan month in American restaurants. Why not also inaugurating Spain?

November Calendar marketing activities for restaurants

Here is the schedule for November 2015:

Sunday 1 of November

  • All Saints Day
  • Fried Clam Day (#usa)
  • World Vegan Day

Monday 2 of November

  • Stuffed Egg Day (#usa)

Tuesday 3 of November

  • Sandwich Day (#usa)
  • Day Housewife (#usa)

Wednesday 4 of November

  • Day Healthy Eating
  • Lovers Day candies (#usa)

Thursday 5 of November

  • Day of man food (#usa)
  • Black Beer Day

Friday 6 of November

  • Day Nachos with cheese (#usa)

Saturday 7 of November

  • Chocolate Day with bitter almond (#usa)

Sunday 8 of November

  • Cooking with Hot Day (#usa)
  • Day Screwdriver (cocktail)
  • Day Capuccino

Monday 9 of November

  • Scrapple Day (#usa)

Tuesday 10 of November

  • Sesame Street Day
  • Vanilla Cupcake Day (#usa)

Wednesday 11 of November

  • Singles Day
  • Day Sundee (#usa)
  • Origami Day

Thursday 12 of November

  • Pizza Day (without anchovies) at work(#usa)

Friday 13 of November

  • World Kindness Day
  • Indian Pudding Day (#usa)

Saturday 14 of November

  • World Diabetes Day
  • Guacamole Day (#usa)
  • Day Gherkin

Sunday 15 of November

  • Recycling Day (#usa)
  • Day Raisin Bran Cereal (#usa)
  • Day Guinness Record
  • Day Without Alcohol

Monday 16 of November

  • Day Fast Food (#usa)
  • Day of Tolerance

Tuesday 17 of November

  • Baklava Day (#usa)
  • Day Homemade bread (#usa)
  • International Students' Day

Wednesday 18 of November

  • Day Vichyssoise

Thursday 19 of November

  • Day caffeinated soft drinks (#usa)
  • International Men's Day

Friday 20 of November

  • Day Peanut Butter (#usa)

Saturday 21 of November

  • World Hello Day
  • Filling Day (#usa)
  • World Television Day

Sunday 22 of November

  • Day blueberry jam (#usa)
  • Cashews Day (#usa)
  • Day out for a spin (#usa)
  • International Music Day

Monday 23 of November

  • Eating blueberries day (#usa)

Tuesday 24 of November

  • Expresso Day
  • Sardines Day
  • Day Show your talent (#usa)

Wednesday 25 of November

  • Parfait Day (#usa)
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Thursday 26 of November

  • Thanksgiving Day (#usa)
  • Cake Day (#usa)

Friday 27 of November

  • Day cake whipped cream
  • Black Friday (#usa)

Saturday 28 of November

  • Day French Toast (#usa)
  • Corn Day (#usa)
  • Day Buy stores close

Sunday 29 of November

  • Lemon Cake Day (#usa)

Monday 30 of November

  • Mousse Day (#usa)
  • International Day to Combat Eating Disorders

Here you have many reasons to generate marketing activities in your restaurant, sure some of them can become a success. What did you say Phil Knight (Nike founder): “Not enough to make good products. You have to make people aware of what you're doing”

You can download the schedule in PDF:

November 2015: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurants

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Degree in Marketing and Sociology, specializing in new markets and foreign trade. Biker both urban and cross country. Passionate about gastronomy and technologies serving the same. My greatest luck is waking up looking out to sea.



  1. A little over a month ago I took the social network of a restaurant, and since I've discovered you're my angel!! My clients are usually Tourism, and this is the first restoration, with this which I am learning a lot from your blog. This post today is something that took days looking.
    Congratulations on your work!

    • Hello Begoña, thank you very much for your comment on behalf of the whole team that we are DiegoCoquillat.com, especially Jose Antonio who is the author of this article. I assure you that your words are an important dose of motivation to continue our work and our passion…Thank you!

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