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Nowait, the system eliminates queues restaurants


It is already a fait accompli that the digitization and constant improvement of new technologies are increasingly important to our daily lives, entering virtually any field. The hotel is one of the sectors must adapt this new way of understanding society.

In this sense, Yelp, one of the major portals Reviews American, He has taken a step beyond It will change the way of thinking reserves in a restaurant: Here is your new booking system “Nowait”.

How will change this system reserves restaurants?

Although not yet available in Spain, we know that It will be a novelty in the world of applications for restaurants. Arrives on Friday night and want to have dinner with friends or with your partner, you delay an hour to decide where you are going and when you finally arrive you decide and local, you find yourself with a tail that turns the block, what are you doing? Wait and wait standing, for what, when finally you may enter, you're as tired and bored that neither you feel like quedaros. The sounds, true?

Well thanks to Yelp, this will no longer be so familiar. And is that, the system “Nowait” It allows virtual queues with timeouts, also advising customers at the time when your table is ready. This will not only give a better image to the restaurant to escape the huge queues and agglomeration, but will also allow diners to relax while waiting. It is about making life more comfortable for our client, definitely.

How it develops this app

40 million development cost and design of this application to the company Yelp, which it aims to integrate it into your system food orders eat24, founded in 2010 by Ware Sykes.

The difference of the platform relative to other like OpenTable, It is that the former is aimed at casual restaurants that do not accept advance bookings, allowing customers to add their name to these virtual queues without physically present in the local. Customers will also have option to notify the restaurant in the case of arriving late to book.

“We want to use the data for improve our restaurant and our experiences with consumers”, Sykes said in Eater.com, explaining that the two companies together would improve rather than separately.

The major online sites to find the best restaurant in Spain

Although it has not yet reached Nowait, in Spain we have a number of websites that allow you to find the perfect restaurant a digital form.

The best examples are:

  1. Fork

Thanks to this application, You can book more than 4.500 local Spanish and have multiple offers.

  1. 10Restaurants

It offers the possibility of finding the best restaurants for groups and events. More of 2.000 restaurants and 1.000.000 diners already used in Spain. The system is very simple, the client makes a request everything you need for your event and restaurants can connect to it to provide the best proposal. It's an easy system, fast and free to access the best restaurants in groups and events.

  1. Restaurantes.com

More than 3.000 Restaurants in Spain, and in some European cities, can make reservations online.

  1. Atrápalo Restaurants

It has a multitude of restaurants in Spain and Latin America, You can also enjoy this app as a social network, as you can see restaurants that have been your friends, vote them, comment on…

Restoration is an enabling sector to improve through innovation

Of course, If you want to succeed with your business and that is on everyone's lips, is a must innovate and make people talk about it positively. We must protect all details and always remember that a happy customer worth more than we can imagine.

That is why so Nowait will do a great service not only to guests, but also the people who are dedicated to this sector, who will see their business improved thanks to the implementation of such technological innovations.

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