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The 3 Christmas recipes most successful social networks


It is clear that the chefs have become the new rock stars. We follow them on social networks, We admire your work and some, even they dare to set trends, not only in gastronomy, but in lifestyle, fashion, etc.

Nevertheless, There is another kind of chefs or cooks, away a bit of profile dabi Muñoz, Jordi Cruz, Paco Roncero O Quique Dacosta. They became fashionable cooking and recipes before it was so mainstream how it is now. We talk about Karlos Arguiñano, Javier Romero, own Eva Arguiñano with its pastries.

The classics have moved their TV success to social networks

They carry accompanying us in the kitchen long, and actually They have managed to maintain their success in social networks. Their recipes are followed, shared and exploited every day by thousands of users, we are grateful to this colorful kitchen, simple and based.

We have made a review of publications Chef's most successful social networks, and surprisingly (o no), to mind the classic lifelong remain. In fact Javier Romero, Karlos Arguiñano Arguiñano Eva and her sister are the three most successful chefs are having these days on networks such as Facebook.

Because the share 3 Christmas recipes which they have risen this week. The three are a success and already have thousands of likes and comments thanks. If you're still wondering what to serve your loved ones in the days to come, here you have 3 great ideas. Enjoy them and Happy Holidays!

3 chef's recipes most successful social networks at Christmas

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