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New York turns its streets into a great restaurant


The capacity limitations faced by the restaurants often put the viability of the business in question. Since the pandemic, One of the greatest demands of the restoration group has been the possibility of occupying public spaces so that social distancing measures do not have a direct impact on the future of their companies.

After many negotiations, has become a reality in New York City. Being one of the great affected during the first wave, the city led by the Statue of Liberty has benefited from a reconditioning of its roads.

Crowd of streets, avenues and other means of communication within the metropolis have ceased to be spaces for cars to become a hectic part of New York social life.

The initial plan is convert parking spaces to outdoor managed by restaurants permanently. Thus Bill de Blasio, mayor of the city, aims to help restorers who are going through one of the most complicated moments of their entire working career.

According to the words of a local government spokesperson, 10 000 restaurants have already opted to participate in this initiative. Fact that shows the enormous demand for this type of proposal. From the mayor's office, it is theorized that thanks to this measure, up to 100 000 Job positions. Broadly speaking, one percent of the total workforce in the city.

Although it has not yet been fully revealed how the plan will work, some of the most important points are known. It is worth highlighting the following:

  • Restaurants will be fully authorized to establish tables and protected spaces on the street, including sidewalks and shoulders enabled for this purpose.
  • Restaurants will have the possibility of entering into specific agreements with the owners of adjacent stores to extend their space beyond the area assigned to their facade..
  • Restaurants may use heaters in public spaces where they are operating. No heating instrument will be allowed, the accepted models will have to comply with a series of requirements in terms of consumption and safety that have not yet been agreed upon.
  • Restaurants will be subject to the current capacity limitations in dining rooms when they decide to close the outdoor spaces with screens, prefabricated walls or glass. The city government thus offers, effectively, two business models: one more comfortable but with less available capacity and another exposed to weather conditions (only softened by the heaters and possible open tents) without such limitations. It is up to the hotelier which way has more benefits in their specific case. You can move from one business model to another at will and without the need to report to the mayor's office.

Currently 87 streets are operating this way on the occasion of the coronavirus crisis. They have become a great success, example for subsequent proposals. So much so that de Blasio has mobilized his councilors to get more streets approved, and that these are taken by the public, instead of occupied by cars, throughout the year.

The measure has brought the buzz back to the streets of New York, city ​​that had fallen into a depressed mood after the harshness with which it was hit in March and April, when the corpses occupied large esplanades because there was not enough space in the morgues.

further, The mayor wants to shield these measures against possible future changes in the local government and that is why they are seeking the support of opposition groups. They want safeguard these spaces for businesses that create a positive social atmosphere henceforth.

Because, although de Blasio could impose these measures by decree, a legal framework is pursued together with the rest of the parties with representation in the city to provide the project with long-term continuity. Something that has been highly praised by the members of the restaurant sector, Well, any contribution of stability and security in your day-to-day life is worthy of appreciation in the midst of a situation as volatile as that caused by the coronavirus crisis..

The New York Hospitality Alliance has called this plan an "incredibly significant expansion.". He added: “Outdoor dining has changed the landscape of New York streets for the better and has been a vital safety line for thousands of small businesses and jobs throughout the five neighborhoods during the crisis of the COVID-19». After praising the measurements, the association's statement concluded: «It is a great advance to rebuild a stronger city, robust and habitable ».

The praises did not only come from the business associations, rather, consumers and political elites also expressed their appreciation with the new measures offered. Nevertheless, The main promoters of the idea are those who for years have been defending the recovery of public spaces by citizens. According to these visionaries, New York City's paradigm just changed. And has done it for the better.

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