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New York declares war on disposable plastic straws


A attempts to ban disposable plastic EU now joins a new campaign that is starting to sink in USA. The city where trends are born US, NY, has determined the elimination of disposable plastic straws used for soft drinks or coffee while in transit or just to appear more chic slurping utensil while seeks instant to pose.

In the past, They had already been initiatives intended to incorporate this article to sustainable consumption options available in the market. One of the most talked about was the creating edible straws, courtesy Loliware, a company also based in the vicinity of the Big Apple. By using ingredients derived from algae and flavorings, They managed to create a product functional and easy to remove.

He antipajitas activism has always defended the plastic straws are totally unnecessary. And while some continue to use them on a whim, reach offices kilometric reports of plastic waste floating rafts adrift located in many parts of our seas, and saddening events like, in just three decades, fish populations inhabiting the oceans have fewer than plastic parts made therein.

The need to reduce plastic waste we generate is critical. Solo in EE. THE. They are thrown away 500 Straws million each day; Or what is the same, 5.500 daily tons of plastic.

Campaigns like “September without Straws” They had a great degree of penetration in society. The same is true of the challenge #StopSucking. Or the struggle carried out every day by Lonely Whale Foundation through the campaign Strawless Ocean.

The noise generated by the company regarding this issue finally It has come to government agencies.

The first to be affected will be public spaces. According to the draft presented to the Selectmen, this will affect stadiums, bares, restaurants, cafes and food trucks.

To get ahead, the bill would prohibit not only the use of straws, the rods used to stir the coffee are also in the spotlight. further, legislative change would be a great background from which promote sustainable consumption and reduction of plastic waste in food and local restaurateurs and catering.

Seattle, Malibu and the United Kingdom, leaders fighting straws

New York and intends to follow the trail left by other cities like Seattle and Malibu have already banned the use of plastic straws, or countries like the UK where it is not possible to find and this type of plastic gadget.

Even where it is not obliged to abandon Item, They begin to stimulating this future movements appear.

During the last week of May, McDonalds shareholders voted on the same subject. Prohibit use or continue using straws? Won with a wide margin the decision to continue offering straws in their products (the percentage of votes that do not get rejected or eight percent). However, although the idea was unsuccessful, the simple fact that is discussed is progress. For those most committed to the environment is an omen that at some point, McDonalds will no longer distribute 95 million disposable straws day (Approximate data transferred by SumOfUs).

There is no need to get discouraged. The sustainability restoration comes slowly. For every bad news like the famous fast food franchise, there are several new clearing the horizon to a future cleaner and free of debris. In fact, the apps against waste in restaurants They are in full progress. Subject already We have given a good account in this newspaper.

In the case of the campaign of the Wildlife Conservation Society known as Give a Sip, through which already It has convinced more than 60 Business Yorkers to stop using plastic straws, and among the collaborators are such prominent companies as Eataly, Sixty Hotels and a number of renowned restaurants.

And those who allow themselves to convince, They are those who are full conviction. It is the case Enjoy your meal, a chain restoration and related services that will use the plastic straws in 1.000 cafes that make up your business network, establishments network expands 33 of the 50 US states. THE. Instead of completely abandon the straws, as have some other local, they begin using paper straws from September 2019.

the main driver of change in the metropolis par excellence of the US Atlantic coast. is Rafael L. Espinal Jr., a Democrat from Brooklyn neighborhood. During his appearances before the press he has made the following confessions: “I have been progressively concienciándome about the impact plastic single-use have for our oceans and the natural environment. Over the years I began to notice plastics single use we can remove without causing a severe impact on the daily lives of New Yorkers. Plastic straws turn out to be one of those products”.

It also asked the citizens of the city that accept plastic straws that are a luxury. The reality is that they are completely dispensable.

Alternatives for catering business

Establishments that depend on the plastic straws would, if the law remains approved, until 2020 to get rid of these disposable items. Among the alternatives that can accommodate those responsible business and contribute to restoring sustainability are:

  • straws foodstuffs made from cereal (Similar to the paste) the derivatives ficológicos (gummy texture similar to agar).
  • straws made reusable silicone hypoallergenic, ceramics, metal vidrio; which allow washing the same as with any other item of crockery or cutlery from.
  • The straws wood or paper, that although they are also disposable, They have less impact on the natural environment.
  • straws customized and personal, buyer for own use wherever you want.

There is a problem and there are solutions. Now all that remains is politics and nature conservation will to solve one of the great challenges of the XXI century: Plastic waste pollution plaguing our planet.

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