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New look for the Big Mac from McDonald's


There have been several attempts to change the look to Big Mac since its inception in 1968. The latter is an American who has both comfort and care outside packaging design. Who said that McDonald's and glamor are incompatible?

Jessica Stoll, industrial design student at Arizona State University, It has rethought something as commonplace as is the packaging of the Big Mac, the most popular menu fast food chain McDonald’s. So far no one had seen this need but the young American has imagined a new 'outfit' for this burger and additions, an exercise in search of practicality for everyday life. The project is based on a model of packaging three-in-One, easier to transport, adjustable to everyday situations and, Of course, in fashion.

The package focuses primarily on a portable bag, more consistent than the usual paper bag, Perfect for carrying wherever you go. It is prepared to carry both the burger and fries in the same container, avoiding the need for each product packaging.

If we take as we walk down the street, we can use the handles like a shopping bag or bag it were, as it is shown in the photograph.

If you prefer to sit and enjoy our Big Mac, we have only to pose the bag on a table or flat surface and conveniently have both the burger and fries at our disposal without removing them from the container. No it is true, hamburger comes in a small adjustable wrap both the space in the casing as the palm, I thought not to have to develop it fully as has been done so far.

But, definitely, the revolutionary design of this new version is your car. Stoll noted that much of the day the average American takes place in your vehicle, going from home to work and from work to their other chores. All this busyness does not leave much time to enjoy a meal in the warmth of home, so many opt for a swift passage through the McAuto shift and eat during the journey between the point of origin and destination.

Here comes the problem: the current pack of Big Mac is uncomfortable, impractical to eat in the car and, even, You can become a source of distraction behind the wheel, in case you have to look for products inside the bag. Thus, Stoll redesign envisages the possibility of folding the bag in a 'V' to take between the legs while driving and eating to go and focusing all the attention on the road.

Its main function is to make the customer comfortable life of McDonald's but not was to neglect its design. Recycled material made from natural, mimics the actual paper bag Big Mac but with a touch more glamorous, thanks to polka dots appearing on the M silkscreen symbol of American chain.

Although the idea may sound really good, It is not more than that: an idea. McDonald's has not made the threat to buy the design and project Stoll, which emerged from sketches like you see in the image that appears under these lines, It remains a fiction, to the chagrin of the finest hamburgueseros but also for those who see it as a nuisance on eating a Big Mac while walking or driving.

McDonald’s He began marketing the Big Mac hamburger 1968. This burger was created by the owner of a McDonald's franchise in Uniontown (Pennsylvania), Jim Delligatti, whose inspiration came from another very similar called the Big Boy, a restaurant serving eponymous name since 1936. The Big Mac so much that soon began to spread throughout the United States with the addition of a slice of bread amid more.

Eighty years have passed since their first appearance and even 2003 maintained polystyrene box was replaced with a cardboard, but always with the coated paper bag full menu. There have been several people who have tried to draw attention to McDonald's about this problem -the proposal for this Londoner 21 years– and all have fallen on deaf ears. Now, After the success in network design this young American, perhaps it's time to rethink a new look for the star product fast food.

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