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Chicken nuggets herbal for schools, hospitals and restaurants


The famous show host British cuisine Jamie Oliver She tried to confront US school menus. THE. in its series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which however he was heavily criticized by the American audience without stalling the message reached advocating provide healthy food to small school.

On more than one occasion, Star has bemoaned for failing to make a dent in a system that favors the economic benefits over the health of children.

Although his spirit has been diluted by frustration, the message has reached the right people.

The relay now taking a company from Seattle (Washington, OF. UU.), Seattle Food Tech, specialized in offer alternatives to meat and animal products with plant foods suitable for vegetarians and fans of veganism.

The flagship product of the company are nuggets Vegetable Chicken, a food made from plants that replaces traditional nuggets. They contain fewer calories, contribute less to global warming, and fight overcrowding of poultry in intensive macrogranjas.

Sustainability in food and healthy food There are two hot topics in the food industry, why the proposed Seattle Food Tech has not fallen on deaf ears.

Short-term plans of Seattle Food Tech

Chirstie Lagally, executive director of the company, It is a year in command of the operation. She founded the company in September 2017 and directs the action plan of the initiative.

The development of a product with features organoleptic similar to nuggets real chicken took a long time, But while the article and the necessary technology developed to create it, Christie was able to capture the interest of investors.

According to the director: "Today we have raised 2.17 million in pre-seed investments. We will raise the rest in our seed stage early next year [2019]».

The last million have recently achieved thanks to investment fund Y Combinator de Silicon Valley. Among the investors who decided to support the idea appear names like Liquid 2 Ventures, Sinai Ventures Fund, Uphonest Capital Y VegInvest (Reversing a second time).

After gathering all this money, Seatlle plan is Food Tech bring their substitutes from plant foods nuggets Chicken school menus, hospital, military and university. In fact, during December 2018 and they held a first approximation, providing with delicious nuggets plant some schools and restaurants.

With a healthy product, cheap, ethical and all vegetable, STF feel confident to scale their production: "We are designing machinery and associated facilities to produce these items in chain. Substitute plant foods of chicken meat have not reached, Whatever the reasons, the price that people demand. While the market is growing vegetable meat substitutes, one is a 0.1% of the total volume of the meat market in the US. THE:, and most schools and hospitals do not have access to affordable alternatives because it can cost two to five times more. We are about a 30% more expensive [that nuggets Traditional chicken]right now, and we only 10 months, But as we climb, we can offer them at a lower price than nuggets animal chicken, without a doubt. We have a small production scale now, but will be higher in spring ', Christie Lagally explained in detail on the stage of the summit FOOD FOR KIDS held in Chicago during November's hand FoodNavigator-USA.

The nuggets Seattle Food Chicken Tech and why it matters

Plant foods with which STF intended to replace bits of breaded meat lifelong made with unusual ingredients in the kitchen: Wheat Protein, soy protein, accepted canola, vegan flavoring flavored chicken, spices, corn and wheat batter without eggs.

The result is a plant food suitable for those who follow the tenets of veganism, healthy and promotes sustainability in food. And to achieve this, it is best not to call into question the taste, the smell or texture nuggets. "The key is the production process. This is how we process the protein ... And keep the air out of it to create a really dense product that loose juice, no air, when cooked '

With four times more fiber and between a 20 Y 30 percent more protein than the original food, texture reminiscent of a "whole chicken breast".

La innovación alimentaria llega en el momento preciso. En Silicon Valley se libra una batalla empresarial y económica por liderar el nuevo mercado cárnico, un mercado en el que las granjas de animales y ranchos ganaderos no tienen lugar.

Entre los competidores de SFT podemos mentar los equipos de Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats, Impossible Foods… Pero no son los únicos. Iniciativas de carne vegetariana y carne sintética se fomentan por todo el mundo para luchar contra el cambio climático, el agotamiento de los recursos, la pobreza nutricional y el abuso animal.

La cruzada de Seattle Tech Foods tiene aún más seguidores por su intención de inmiscuirse en hospitales y centros de educación. En 2017 la Asociación Americana de Medicina urgió a los hospitales a que eliminasen las carnes procesadas (incluyendo los nuggets de pollo) en los menús hospitalarios dado su demostrado efecto carcinogénico en el cuerpo humano.

Por otro lado, cada vez más jóvenes adoptan una dieta vegetariana o se pasan al veganismo, y las escuelas e institutos de EE. UU. comienzan a percibir una demanda por representar este tipo de platos en sus cafeterías. El caso de las universidades es análogo, pero según cuenta la directora de SFT, «Muchas universidades tienen objetivos de reducción de las emisiones de carbono y algunas de las agencias alimentarias les están informando de que reducir el consumo de carne es una manera de hacerlo».

Según lo expuesto, parece que Seattle Food Tech está encaminada a alcanzar el éxito, resta por ver si su producción a escala industrial comienza en primavera, tal como prevén.

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