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Obama blames televisions bars and restaurants defeat


This week we read in the Independent Journal Review how the former US president, Barak Obama, He had stated in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the last defeat of the Democratic Party in the US election was due in part to “in many of the bars and restaurants of the United States on FOX channel constantly emits”.


Apparently his words have fallen as a grater in the US press, And it is not the first time and former president blames the ultraconservative channel of poor results. This was what he said:

“There is a large part of the electorate that is white and working class, to which we have failed to reach. They have been massively Trump and largely due to our inability when put in place, we have been too focused on international politics and economics, and we have not been able to reach them. Other very important reason is the constant broadcast of FOX channel in many of the bars and restaurants USA”.

This argument about the Hilary defeat Clinton and the Democratic Party in the last election against the Republicans led by Donald Trump, denotes the great importance it attaches Barak Obama to the message that the media do reach voters through television bars and restaurants.

Not in vain, in this paper we have mentioned on other occasions as American restaurants are at this time the forefront of social communication client company, Besides, Americans are eating more in restaurants at home now and that It gives more weight to the argument which it relies on the FOX, which is the most common chain in most bars and restaurants USA, It has significantly influenced the defeat of the Democrats.

In any case, this interview the director of Rolling Stone, Jan S Wenner Barak Obama is one more, from the relevance that may have communication and marketing actions, on restaurant patrons… To think of, true?

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