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October 2015: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


We present the most relevant dates of October 2015 with the intent to help you find ideas or excuses marketing activities for your restaurant.

Undoubtedly, the most important event of the month will be on Friday 31 with the celebration of Halloween in restaurants, a date which in recent years has been consolidated and now accounts for many hospitality businesses an exponential increase in sales. Also of note on Monday 12 October, that being festive, we can get a “Black Monday” It becomes a day with many customers flocking to restaurants.

We have also included dates and American culinary events calendar (#usa), as they certainly represent an interesting contribution from two points of view, on the one hand the ability to generate excuses related to marketing in restaurants, It is worth admiring, and included a copy, and other, possible future adaptations of these events in Spain, such as Halloween. It should be noted that October is the month of pizza restaurants in American… Why not also in Spain?

Marketing activities for restaurantsHere is the schedule October 2015:

Thursday 1 October

  • International Music Day
  • International Day of Older Persons

Friday 2 October

  • International Day of Non-Violence
  • Fried scallops Day (#usa)

Saturday 3 October

  • Day caramel flan (#usa)

Sunday 4 October

  • World Animal Day
  • Day taco (#usa)

Monday 5 October

  • World Teachers' Day.

Wednesday 7 October

  • Day frappé (#usa)

Friday 9 October

  • World Egg Day
  • World Post Day.
  • Valencia Day.

Saturday 10 October

  • World Mental Health Day

Sunday 11 October

  • International Girl's Day
  • World Sight Day.
  • Day sausage pizza (#usa)

Monday 12 October

  • Spanish Language Day
  • Hispanic Heritage Day

Tuesday 13 October

  • Yorkshire pudding Day (#usa)

Wednesday 14 October

  • Day invite your father to eat (#usa)

Thursday 15 October

  • International Day of Rural Women.
  • Wild Chicken Day (#usa)

Friday 16 October

  • World Food Day

Saturday 17 October

  • International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Sunday 18 October

  • Day chocolate cupcake (#usa)

Monday 19 October

  • World Breast Cancer Day
  • Soup of seafood (#usa)

Tuesday 20 October

  • World Statistics Day
  • Day fruit brandy (#usa)

Wednesday 21 October

  • Day cheesecake and pumpkin (#usa)

Thursday 23 October

  • Day Boston Cream Pie (#usa)

Friday 24 October

  • United Nations Day
  • Day bolognese sauce (#usa)

Saturday 25 October

  • World Pasta Day
  • Day greasy food (#usa)

Sunday 26 October

  • Day Suegra
  • Day meatloaf (#usa)

Monday 27 October

  • American Beer Day (#usa)

Tuesday 28 October

  • Chocolate Day (#usa)

Wednesday 29 October

  • Day oats (#usa)

Thursday 30 October

  • Day candy corn (#usa)

Friday 31 October

  • Halloween. Night of the deads
  • Day candy apple (#usa)

Here you have many excuses to generate marketing activities in your restaurant, sure some of them can become a success. As the Chinese philosopher said Confucius: “If you know what you have to do and you do not, then you're worse than before“.

You can download the schedule in PDF:

October 2015: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

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