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October of 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


It begins October and with it comes the fall squarely, to change the station everyday life of people changed ... and restaurants. The terraces are finishing their period, the routine that will mark the new cycle restarts and businesses looking to create opportunities to promote themselves and win customers.

That goes this article. As each month, we collect the most important dates of public holidays in Spain and the world to suggest how you can use them in your restaurant and so do interesting events that help you get more visibility. October promises!

Keep the party going!

If anything our country is that there is always a celebration in a village or region, and October could be less. The first weekend of the month will be multiple parties in different localities They will certainly be an incentive for local restaurants, but it is also, this month typical large celebrations occur that impact across the country, the best known is the 8 al 16 in Zaragoza with its festivals in honor of the Virgen del Pilar.

The veneration of this Virgin is given throughout Spain. Extrapolated to your restaurant, It is a festival commemorating easy if you dedicate to the Aragonese food, but anyway if you do traditional Spanish cuisine, can create a menu for the occasion with traditional dishes from the region, or simply offer products out of letter, tastings or tasting drink with the most attractive cover of Aragon gastronomically speaking: cheese, mushrooms, oils, Teruel ham, and as, wines such as Campo de Borja, Somontano, Calatayud and Carignan.

But is that he 9 Valencia celebrate the day of their region. They, the creators of the paella, the plate that identifies Spain in the world, They do not go unnoticed in any corner of the country: It offers a special rice outside letter, paella or other since it is a food that appeals to almost everyone, but like a Valencian stew paired with local wine and cheese and vegetables preceded the Valencian garden you can attract more than one client in fresquitos days. If something has Valencia is your rich cuisine to offer in your business.

Week Cazuelica and Wine in Pamplona It is perfect for you to seize your Navarran restaurant or Spanish cuisine. You can offer caps or other new area you want to create in cazuelita format. Under the guise of this celebration, Serve paired with wines from Navarra If you are more classic, but if you prefer a different touch, looking for some microbreweries in the region and combine them with food, And why not an event of these beers If your audience is foodie?

Hispanic Heritage Day

commemorating the day the world went from being considered to round up the discovery of a new continent is held. On this date in your restaurant possibilities are endless, from the Latin American menu, through adding the appeal of a show related to the culture of Latin America (dance, music, literary events, food products) to a fusion menu dishes.

You can make a party a day or more with Latin American music sessions in different shifts, If your local is moving in a more intellectual environment test schedule a meeting with a Latin American artist; If you have in your bar bartender, to create a series of rums and cocktails with tropical ingredients; if you get a good provider, a special session of imported meat in the Southern Cone. I said, the options are as many as your imagination allows.

World Vegetarian Day

The day 1 is celebrated around the world this growing food trend that adds more followers. If your business belongs to this movement you can make a special action to commemorate the day, a special menu or even a talk about the benefits of vegetarianism, for example.

If your restaurant sells food of all kinds also you have the option of vegetarian menu for that day (or the whole weekend, Remember that this year the date falls on a Saturday) With which You can attract a new type of clientele. An attractive option is to offer the menu with a tab that describes how the date emerged (made natural paper and presented in a nice way).

Even, if the restaurant specializes in meats can this initiative and attract the group of carnivorous friends with some members who prefer to try different things. Y If your audience is familiar and you visit many children, One option would be a flight attendant that day make a fun talk to them explaining what they are good and tasty vegetables. Parents will thank you.


Given the each year are more who have taken this Anglo-Saxon party as their own, you know you have to perform some action on 31, no matter if you do it big or a more modest celebration, also it depends on the type of audience that frequents you (especially in terms of age), but you can not miss the Halloween.

Most often a costume party in tune with your personal well, local Halloween decor and menu, but again, the options are endless: If your local is familiar Make a costume contest for children, hostesses hired to take care of them that day while the parents have a good time and included in the price of your menu a nice goodie bags for the kids to go with the tables repeating the famous Trick or Treating (previously warns adults to carry goodies).

A group of live music disguised if space allows it and your audience is young, terrifying beers dedicated to this date (that there), Cocktails related to Halloween; a call full of mystery mail to your customers for a party with surprise (achieved awards with your suppliers, for example).

And if your restaurant is gourmet and gourmand aimed at customers, a gourmet menu with related ingredients like pumpkin Halloween and some detail in the dessert.

World Food Day

It is celebrated 16 since 1979 by United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture. Its goal is to raise awareness among countries on food problems that exist worldwide, and this is our suggestion of social action this month.

As easy as donating food restaurant on behalf of an NGO in which trust, put a piggy bank on the premises with the same objective, establish a percentage of your dishes that day or the weekend (falls on Sunday) to give, give each table a brochure that explains the commemoration and encourage them to make their contribution (you can talk to an NGO close to your community to perform the action on their behalf and assure customers that come to them and donated as a prize give you a symbolic plate of the organization).

We hope that one or more of these suggestions are useful for your restaurant, Tell us the results we will be happy to know. As usual, below here more commemorative dates.

October Calendar 2016

October 2016: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurantsOctober 2016: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

Day 1

  • World Vegetarian Day

Day 2

  • World Smile Day
  • From the 30/09 until the 02/10 do you have:
    • Harvest Festival in Peñafiel
    • Moors and Christians, Sagunto
    • Fabada party in Galicia, Lourenzá
    • Fiestas de Peñas de San Pedro, Albacete

Day 4

  • Fiestas de San Froilán, Lugo (until the day 12)

Day 6

  • Seafood festivals, Grove (until the day 16)

Day 7

  • Week Cazuelica and wine, Pamplona (until the day 16)
  • International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges (until the day 16)

Day 8

  • Pillar parties, Zaragoza

Day 9

  • World Egg Day
  • Valencia Day

Day 12

  • Hispanic Heritage Day

Day 16

  • World Food Day

Day 20 (until the day 30)

  • Mystery of Elche (World Heritage)

Day 28

  • Party rose saffron, Consuegra.

Day 29

  • Internet Day

Day 31

  • Halloween

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

October 2016: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

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