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October of 2017: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


It's been summer surf the rate for restaurants has returned to normal. Some terraces are still active, depending on the region of the country, but the temperature is already changing and that extra billing wanes.

As we prepare for the cold, hospitality business should be planning their activities in order to benefit a few parties this month. For them it is this marketing activities calendar for October.

World Vegetarian Day

Although it is a celebration instituted from 1977, Needless to say,, with the current trend to worldwide, related to feed and care for people with increasingly embracing the option of not eating meat, This is a date that should take into account on your calendar.

If your business relies on vegetarian food concept then you have an audience that you have to spend some type of action to celebrate such an important date: a full day of activities at your local, for example, with talks on nutrition and the importance of caring, a special menu, a showcooking a chef who specializes in vegetarian cooking or other activity that has to do with the physical well-being as a yoga class or mindfullness.

But if your business offers a different type of cuisine, You can also take advantage of the date. Vegetarianism Day celebrated with a special menu that includes first, and dessert for que this audience feel also think of him; graphic prints some information to provide to your customers talking about the importance of good nutrition and no abuse of meat.

If one of the specialties of your restaurant are vegetable products, can make a special request for that day from vegetables. Leaves some exposed at some point in the room as you do with other dishes out of letter, so your customers will see that you give relevance to the product.

Fiestas Patrias give much play

In the schedule below you can see all the celebrations related to gastronomy is in Spain in October, Use them to your advantage according to your type of business.

The day 5 Seafood Festival begins in O Grove, Galicia; Here a succulent opportunity with a product so precious in our country. He 6 Week Cazuelica and Wine held in Pamplona. He 7 Pillar known parties start Zaragoza.

The pamplonica celebration can be adapted especially to promote your bar tapas in mini-casseroles format with different wines, including those of Navarra. As and temperatures begin to drop, your customers will love finding different stews, and if you want to extend the offer, We recommend ordering your product supplier North with the best vegetables, fish and meat dishes outside to offer charter and related gastronomy of these regions so fond.

With zaragozanas parties you can do the same: sácales party offering traditional dishes of the area with dishes such as chicken stew, Aragonese migas or ajoarriero cod, and wine and sweets to finish your offer.

Hispanic Heritage Day

Also known as Puente del Pilar, why It is a national holiday and usually people take a break this weekend. This year falls on Thursday, whereby a few areas of the country and its hospitality businesses have little work while other regions will increase their income and activity.

Since it is the Columbus Day, Why not take advantage to offer during that time any product or training related to Latin America? Imported beers or wines from across the Atlantic, as well a Latin American recipe already known in Spain or some of which are beginning to popularize, as tacos and Mexican quesadillas, the Venezuelan and Colombian arepas, a Peruvian ceviche, a cut of Argentine beef.

Add to it your personal touch, You call the attention of your usual audience with a different offer and attract a clientele from these countries.

The main festival of the month: Halloween

Because part of the celebrations of the country, especially among younger customers, who has grown up watching day Halloween as a party more between their customs.

The options are endless depending on your style of business, from making a costume party with all the appropriate decoration, going through a menu or offering Halloween pumpkin dessert for that day. Plates decorated with themes for families with children, terroríficos cocktails, costume contests, drawing for a later dinner ... The important thing is not to miss the date because in addition, this year falls on a Tuesday, by statistics, the worst day of the week for hospitality. Take advantage of.

Día Internacional del Cáncer de Mama

Por último, nuestra propuesta de acción social este mes es femenina. El día 19 se conmemora esta enfermedad con el objetivo de sensibilizar a la población ya que es el tipo de tumor más frecuente en las mujeres, de ahí su importancia.

Hacer una cena benéfica cuyas ganancias sean destinadas a una organización de investigación para el cáncer es una gran oportunidad de aportar tu grano de arena, al mismo tiempo que te proyectas como una empresa preocupada por su entorno. Por supuesto, promociona el evento en todos tus canales.

Una alternativa es ampliar la acción a toda la semana o al mes realizando una colecta con una hucha o destinando un porcentaje de algunos de tus platos a la causa. Analiza tus costes y aprovecha la ocasión.

En el calendario verás otras muchas fechas que pueden ser interesantes para los restaurantes como el Día Mundial del Pulpo, el Día Mundial del Huevo o el Día Mundial de la Pasta. Esperamos que te sean útiles nuestras sugerencias.

Calendario de Octubre 2017

Octubre de 2017: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes   Descarga en el #ClubDiegoCoquillat

Octubre de 2017: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes Descarga en el #ClubDiegoCoquillat

Día 1

  • World Vegetarian Day

Día 2

  • National Fried Scallops Day (#usa)
    National Custodial Worker Day (#usa)

Día 3

  • National Caramel Custard Day (#usa)
  • Boyfriend’s Day

Día 4

  • National Vodka Day (#usa)
  • National Taco Day (#usa)

Día 5

  • National Apple Betty Day (#usa)
  • Fiestas del marisco, O Grove, Galicia
  • World Teachers Day
  • Do Something Nice Day

Día 6

  • Semana de la cazuelica y el vino, Pamplona
  • Semana cervantina, (Alcalá de Henares)

Día 7

  • Fiestas del Pilar, Zaragoza
  • National Frappe Day (#usa)
  • World Smile Day

Día 8

  • National Fluffernutter Day (#usa)
  • Día Mundial del pulpo

Día 9

  • Moldy Cheese Day

Día 10

  • National Angel Food Cake Day (#usa)
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanks giving (Canada)

Día 11

  • National Sausage Pizza Day (#usa)
  • It’s My Party Day
  • Día del dulce de leche

Día 12

  • Día de la Hispanidad
  • World Arthritis Day
  • Cookbook Launch Day

Día 13

  • Yorkshire Pudding Day
  • World Sight Day

Día 14

  • National Dessert Day (#usa)
  • World Egg Day

Día 16

  • National Liqueur Day (#usa)
  • World Food Day

Día 17

  • National Pasta Day (#usa)

Día 18

  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day (#usa)

Día 19

  • Evaluate Your Life Day
  • Día internacional del Cáncer de Mama

Día 20

  • National Brandied Fruit Day (#usa)

Día 21

  • National Pumpkin Cheese cake Day (#usa)
  • Día de la manzana

Día 22

  • National Nut Day (#usa)

Día 23

  • National Boston Cream Pie Day (#usa)
  • Mother-In-Law Day

Día 24

  • National Bologna Day (#usa)
  • Día de las Naciones Unidas

Día 25

  • World Pasta Day
  • National Greasy Food Day (#usa)
  • Sourest Day
  • International Artists Day

Día 26

  • National Mincemeat Day (#usa)

Día 27

  • American Beer Day
  • Fiesta de la Rosa del Azafrán, Consuegra Castilla La Mancha

Día 28

  • Wild Foods Day
  • National Chocolate Day (#usa)
  • International Animation Day

Día 29

  • National Oatmeal Day (#usa)
  • National Cat Day (#usa)
  • Internet Day

Día 30

  • National Candy Corn Day (#usa)

Día 31

  • Halloween
  • National Candy Apple Day (#usa)
  • Magic Day

Descarga en el #ClubDiegoCoquillat el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes:

Octubre de 2017: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

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