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October: Gastrouni training sessions for entrepreneurs and industry professionals HORECA


Gastrouni, in its commitment to the professionalization of the hospitality industry in this country through Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero, It launches various professional formative days during the month of October in Madrid, Valencia and Alicante; all in close cooperation with business associations hospitality: Amer (Madrid), FEHV (Valencia) and APEHA (Alicante).

Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero

Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero

The first one will be held in Valencia, by the Business Federation of Hotel Valencia, and will be held in Valencia CDT. It will be a day in which participate Nicolas Ayela, restaurant consultant and entrepreneur hotelier, Diego Coquillat, DiegoCoquillat.com CEO and owner of Restaurante El Rancho Argentino in Madrid, and Eva Ballarín, Hunting trends in restoration. further, Manuel Espinar, President FEHV, and Nuria Sanz, vice president of the Valencian Association of Restaurants, They will attend the conference to discuss the importance of the association for the hospitality entrepreneur.

The second will be held in Madrid, with Amer (Madrileña Association of Restoration), and will feature the participation of Nicholas Ayela, Coquillat Diego and Ramon God, Gastrocoaching director and owner of El Meson de Fuencarral, and by Javier García Olivares, Operations Manager NH CollectionEurobuilding, where the day is held. It will also have José Carlos Ramón, Amer representative.

The third will be the one carried out at the University of Alicante, repeating the format of previous years. It will involve Nicolas Ayela, Diego Coquillat, Dios y Ramón Eva Ballarín, all professors of the Master in Restaurants and F&B Hotelero. The Provincial Association of Hospitality of Alicante will also share in this day in which the keys are given to learn how to get the maximum return to a catering business.

  • FEHV-Gastrouni professional day in Valencia: Monday, 17 October 2016 to 17.30 CDT in Valencia
  • Amer-Gastrouni professional day in Madrid: Monday, 24 October 2016 to 17.30 hours in the hotel NH CollectionEurobuilding
  • APEHA-Gastrouni professional day in Alicante: Tuesday, 25 October 2016 to 18.00 at the University of Alicante

For more information, You can visit the website www.gastrouni.com, contact by phone at 966 305 665 or by writing an email to info@gastrouni.com

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