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“Ódianos one Yelp”, The restaurant offered a 25% discount in exchange for a negative review on a portal jaquear reviews


In 2008 Chef Davide Cerretini was the place that had always dreamed. It was a small guest house in Richmond (California, OF. UU.) It is offering tasty dishes at an affordable price. A restaurant in the old style, one that was due to customers. And that was exactly the secret of his success, loyalty was mutual: occasional customers soon was becoming recurrent. During the world economic crisis, You could not ask for more.

For the chef Cerretini, an Italian emigre who knew the world well restoration after passing through the kitchens of multiple cuisines, things looked very good. His previous experience managing the Cacciucco Tuscan Cuisine Sausalito (California) augured good professional results.

Good knowledge of what technology would bring to the future restoration, Cerretini joined the first wave of digital transformation restaurants. A) Yes, in 2009, when the Botto Bistro opened its doors to the public, not only did physically, but also digital. The Bistro Botto had its own profile on Yelp, reviews page at that time monopolized the market.

But Cerretini month rejected several vendors of digital advertising Yelp and he felt that some of the reviews scored with five stars on your profile, disappeared. A supposed strategy to force the restorer. Paraphrasing the chef, similar al modus operandi the mafia.

One after another, Cerretini rejected requests from employees Yelp, but the disappearance of their legitimate five-star reviews beginning to cause frustration. He had not moved to EE. UU., and worked there almost a quarter of a century that "an idiot Silicon Valley"The extorsionase.

This may take him to using a fake profile to replenish their good grades, although according to allegations Yelp, Cerretini also used the fictitious person I Babghanoush. to erode the reputation online upcoming business catering to the Botto Bistro.

This first cross between Yelp and Cerretini fire was watered down when the chef finally surrendered at the insistence of those responsible for sales of reviews page. For several months the owner of the Italian restaurant paid 270 dollars a month for digital promotion Yelp, but after not see substantial changes, restaurateur dropped out in service. The consequence? Their reviews on Yelp returned to plummet.

It was so obvious manipulation, in the spring 2014, when Cerretini umpteenth refused to accept trade offers, profile gave a complete turnaround: all the positive reviews with five star disappeared and only three negative impressions punctuating your business with a single star is listed Priority, in view of all Internet users.

It was the straw that broke the camel. Cerretini, obfuscated, He commented to respect that "those one star reviews were from people who had never set foot in the restaurant". The content of these negative impressions alluded to service camaraderie of the local, which it was allegedly deplorable; Nevertheless, and as busily noting the Italian chef during the interview, he "did not even wait!».

In September of that same year, Davide Cerretini began his counteroffensive. His goal was to start Yelp from the jaws of any semblance of control over his reputation online. To this end he planned to blow his own popularity on networks and the same time capitalize on the harebrained scheme. How? A simple message to the view of everyone prayed: "Grant us a review of a star on Yelp and GET 25% off any pizza! Ódianos one Yelp ».

The next day, Cerretini was the hero of the nation, a kind of standard for the small restaurateur helpless. His initiative came hand in hand with a resolution of the US justice judged that strategies were legitimate Yelp. At the front of the Botto Bistro journalists swarmed, and orders were equivalent to one month's business. Cerretini had to seek help from the community of restorers Richmond to serve such demand.

In just a few days Yelp profile had more than 2300 a star reviews.

A being under the media spotlight, Botto Bistro soon draw the attention of Yelp. From there, sent an e-mail threatening indicating that Cerretini was violating the terms and conditions of service. The only answer that managers review page received from the chef was a satire and a new blow on internet, to exposing exchange in social networks.

Cerretini struggle inspired other restaurateurs, who they rushed to devise their own measures against Yelp: websites, Facebook groups, revenges, etc.

Yelp defends himself by saying that cases of extortion that have come to justice have never prospered. They have never received a final judgment by the accusation. This does not mean that the strategy of the company is ethical, Of course.

The reality is that today Yelp remains one of the world references between the pages of operating in EE reviews. THE. And Cerretini still lives the fame that brought him his struggle against the company, and their Italian restaurant discounts enticing thousands of people each year, Davide became a star of restoration and now offers private courses and conferences, whose celebration will report a not inconsiderable part of their income.

These two parties had a happy ending, many other small catering business whose future is clouded by the alleged malpractice of the management company reviews can not say the same.

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