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Provide maximum service excellence to achieve success in your restaurant


In any business there are many factors that can lead us to success or failure of it. One of them, definitely, we have in the Management of human resources. Training in this section, It is essential as the teacher says Domenech Biosca "If you are not ways, ie deformed ".

We can not think of the success of our business if the customer service It is not focused on strive for excellence, from the moment in which diners open the door of our restaurant.

10 Keys to train a successful manager for a restaurant

Understanding this way, to achieve success in all catering business, I is essential to train staff in what I consider "The 10 basic management rules ":

1.- Puntuality, hygiene and perfect uniform.

2.- Dining room You must be mounted, organized and clean before starting the service.

3.- The "Quality of details"Both in the preparation room, during the stay of the client or his departure will mark a top in customer satisfaction.

4.- It is essential to apply the "principle of primacy"From the customer reception. Always It must be addressed before the first 59 seconds from their entry the establishment.

5.- The attitude It has to be excellent, education, friendly and available to the client.

6.- The smile waiters is essential for living the customer experience different in our restaurant.

7.- Knowing our letter, All our dishes, combinations and ingredients to recommend and suggest undecided customers, sale or guide to a better operational management Kitchen.

8.- Good management command It will facilitate the service order and follow an appropriate pace. Avoid extreme situations while long waits between courses as otherwise believe, there is a stress caused by the number of dishes on the table. Poor generate voltage commands the kitchen staff, room and, Of course, customer.

9.- The process of payment It must be immediately. While the client does not manifest their interest to leave our local, we must continue taking care of him and a full service offering. That is to say, once we have finished serving initial commands we need to know whether they are satisfied or want to try a dish more our letter.

If they are satisfied we will make additional bake sale, cafes and drink. Thus, we achieve the satisfaction of our customers and increase our average ticket. We must also bear in mind that Once the client requests the account we have to be agile and not delay, so that the final dregs customer does not remain waiting to pay.

We are not aware that good service can break to convey a sense of abandonment to the customer and, insurance, all at some time we have lived as we think: "Either we come or we go without paying". It makes sense right?

10.- And finally, the farewell. Just as important it is to implement the "principle of primacy" in the customer reception, as making a good farewell applying "principle of recency”. The customer has to feel taken care of in detail until the end, thanking them for their visit and we hope to see you soon transmitting, fidelizing and confidence to us.

The success of a business often lies in the details

Sure to read, the feeling we have is that these 10 points are basic and logical. But, You really are true to 100% in our business? ¿Lo tested?

as customers, If we analyze point by point, I'm sure that compliance with all, added to a product quality, innovation in letter and a special atmosphere, will cause our customers, without a doubt, a feeling satisfying experience.

While managing all business forces us to have a Very overview, while maintaining the ability to not to forget small details, and prioritize important issues that will guide us to success or failure of it.

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Founder and CEO of The mafia sits at the table, Italian franchise restaurants near 40 establishments in Spain.


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