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O'Naturel, the first nudist restaurant in Paris


Maybe Paris is one of the capitals of world fashion, Nevertheless, in one of their new restaurants, diners to "leave your clothes at the door" is requested.

O'Naturel It started in early November, being the first naturist restaurant French city. So that, hereinafter, nudists diners around Paris They could be curious gathered at this venue located in the heart of the capital.

In a recent statement to the media, Yves Leclerc, President of the French Naturist Federation explained that "at the restaurant entrance, There is a locker where you should leave clothes, before moving to the living room ". Leclerc himself was the one to make the first restaurant review in these statements, ensuring that he had visited last week.

"It's like preparing to jump into the pool. Except that, actually, You are about to enjoy a dining experience. No longer a little surreal dining imagining naked in Paris”, he explained.

The code of conduct nudist restaurant in Paris

At the restaurant entrance, visitors are also offered a list with a number of standards that inform diners adjusting the code of conduct. Details like that mobile phones or cameras are allowed in the dining room, or exhibitionism and disrespectful sexual behavior are not tolerated no surprise, but tranquilize.

Another detail is that the chairs covers are changed after each use, for hygienic reasons. Because French law, the waiters and cooks of the restaurant are dressed.

On the other hand, Place the culinary detailed in a menu of the usual typical French bistro food. With a selection of foie gras, langosta, snails, lamb or scallops. The price revolves around the 49 euros, by diners can sample three dishes.

"It is expected to open nudists new restaurants in France as naturism continue to grow in the country, "said Leclerc, he added: "There are few friends who have expressed to me his desire to visit O’ Naturel next time you come to Paris”, He said.

Nudism in France

There are currently over 3,5 million people who practice naturism in France, according to French Federation of Naturism. further, the country is home to hundreds of beaches, campsites and holiday villages hosting nudists and featuring world famous.

Nevertheless, the restaurant O’ Naturel is the first of its kind in Paris and it was inaugurated by twin brothers, Stéphane y Mike Saada, from 42 years. Both are former employees in the insurance world and do not practice nudism.

"For us, think of nudism, It is to remember the holidays ", Stéphane Saada told the French newspaper Le Parisien. He added "Nudists can only enjoy your hobby during summer. We want to offer something that is there for them all year”.

The restaurant features 20 tables and is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. In addition, the reservation is mandatory.

The first nudist restaurant in Spain

If we talk about nudists restaurants patrios, we can not stop naming the Innate, the first nudist restaurant in Spain. This opened in January this year and among its hallmarks, had a decor 100% natural, without artificial light.

This restaurant, located on the island of Tenerife proposes an intimate and sensual experience. Here diners, they can choose whether they want to eat naked or in bathrobe, will end eating dessert on two naked bodies.

Tony de Leonardis is the creator of this concept as erotic as naturopathic: "This is a project that seeks a return to the origins of human beings”. A) Yes, Innate diners enjoy an evening without stress, without electricity and nothing to remind today's hectic times. Innate not there in any of the comforts of the modern age "sentenced.

In any case, it is striking whenever a nudist restaurant opens. Thus it is representing itself, like to know how it is received by the customer. In this case it is a concept that fills a clear need for a population with a presence in France, so we believe that O’ Naturel be a success.

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