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OpenCity advocates for chatbots to reconcile the communication needs of Millennials and restaurants


While the industry still wondering what the future of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, which it has caused such a stir among technology buffs, the Unstoppable implementation of chatbots is ongoing.

And it is that industry experts do not have all of them. Do we really want automated call? Or the way forward is through text messages and written conversations?

The executive director of the digital signature OpenCity, Nick Belsito, It is very clear: “Nobody wants to talk by phone. He 99% customers want to send a text message. If you're in an office you might not want to hear you sneaked. If you're in the subway, You can not have a conversation. What you really want is send a text message“.

The developers of these technologies are well aware. They are also aware of what the problems in the world of restoration. For a successful restaurant, the call can consume up to four hours per week. And this only takes into account dealing with customers (Reservations, cancellations, modifications and complaints). At this time, must be added dedicated to dealing with outsourced professionals (dealers, janitors, etc) and suppliers.

At the end of the day, chatbots have ability to reduce the number of headaches and no small amount of working hours.

Strategies to Address all communications received

These advantages combined with the possibility of meeting all incoming communications. With a sinergia between chatbot, voice synthesizer and VoIP services, restaurants more technology implementation can have an automated reservation care that dispenses entirely local workers.

This is just the task of OpenCity. On the one hand, telephone conversations transforms into interpretable by a chatbot questions through the application of an own virtual assistant. informative responses are then emitted through the available channels; namely: Facebook, SMS or chat tools specific company.

further, not all have to center around stocks. The chatbots are especially effective wherever there is a repetitive task communication. To answer the most frequently asked questions is one of these recurring tasks that can discourage even the most patient and social partner.

Thanks to chatbots can convert the FAQ section of a website in an interactive environment where diners can find answers to your questions quickly and easily. In addition to reducing the workload required UX design web pages, user experience improvement and potential customer involvement increases to use this technology.

There are many dining options that are already using chatbots and virtual assistants improve the quality of their services, optimize their human resources and increase the benefits of the activity.

One of these restaurants is the Frenchie Wine Bistro de Boston. The Frenchie is a popular place where many go to enjoy a good brunch, sustainable and local products, as well as an overflowing loving home cooking.

Each month leave 99 Dollars in respect of a personalized chatbot, but do not see this expense as a cost, but as an investment: «”We have so many questions online about parking and other small things, such as where they come our eggs, or where that product comes ... Now we have to bot answering questions in our place. We do not have to write, It's automatic. And you can answer whatever we want, It is configurable”, comenta Sandrine Rossi, owner of the premises.

In the Frenchie they have not yet gotten completely rid phone, but everything will come. Moment still sounds occasionally, although much less than before.

He 68% of millennials communicates through written messages

Telephone booths and our streets are already largely inoperative, in homes millennials They begin to miss the fixed telephone lines. In the demographic segment 25 a 29 years, It begins to perceive a significant trend, If we look at the data from a federal report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Disease US. It's more, although prevailing mobile phones, these are no longer used to make calls. A large number of young confesses to dislike phone calls, while a 68% admits that communicates in writing profusely and daily.

It is because of that not unreasonable to base a catering business in a hundred percent digital strategy. Many fast food outlets are already doing. This gives them the ability to focus on what really is important in a restaurant: The food and service.

Examples of this type of business model are Keat, which just landed in Spain to revolutionize the market as it already has in Germany; Inamo luxurious London; or even Pizza Factory de Long Island, It is having a pattern 100% digital and which we talked in his day in the newspaper.

For other establishments, the only obstacle is inertia acquired by operating traditionally long. It is well known that the adaptability of the restorer plays a vital role in the survival of the local, but the changes taking one hundred percent digital model causes are sometimes unexpected.

An anonymous Internet user commented that his bar life had gone from being a “Geriatric a nursery school playground”. This presents significant challenges for a manager who may have little or nothing in common with the new group that frequents the place.

unstoppable virtual assistants voice

In this sense, OpenCity ensures that how to target and treat customer corresponds to the usual local, thus avoiding misunderstandings with the new clientele.

By the day they are marketing tool becomes more and more sophisticated. They hope that in the near future can answer more complex questions and that the speech is totally indistinguishable from that would make a human.

In the race for chatbots and virtual assistants ever most complete, organic and accurate, OpenCity debate with many other contenders. A head are the tech giants like Google, but on the periphery and not far behind dozens of emerging companies that are struggling to gain a foothold in the market thanks to an original interpretation of the problem or by a unique approach to its solution arise

A clear example of what the future holds remains still hidden in the laboratory Guestfriend, a start-up which it has won five million dollars in funding to develop a chatbot with more natural speech and ability to integrate with Google Home and Alexa to synthesize speech.

And this is just one of the companies immersed in this process of innovation and technological revolution. Who knows what you may be developing now in a garage or group of college work? Time will reveal ...

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