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OpenTable apologizes because an employee made false reservations on the website of the competition


Malpractice hit hard in the business of online restaurant reservations most important US. and much of the Anglosphere. As it has been brushed aside as an isolated case, the giant OpenTable It has been discovered making reservations that customers are not presented the food requested.

Despite what may seem at first instant, those most affected have been the establishments which they had relied on restaurant reservations services provided by the company, and not Reserve, OpenTable direct competitor and its biggest rival in providing reservation services for restaurants, as you might think.

Screening of diners who did not attend your appointment at various restaurants in Chicago alerted to security analysts Reserve team. To consider further its database could find a sharp spike in fraudulent reservations about special dates, and more specifically on the night of Valentine 2018.

To position itself as a leader in quality between reservation services for restaurants, Reserve makers decided to examine in depth the question. Customers who do not present their reserves are a serious problem in the catering business, tables that are created are occupied unattended and do not generate profits. In this sense, restorers are fully exposed as the laws of most countries have strong measures against overbooking.

Reserve managed to obtain incriminating information pointing to OpenTable as guilty of the situation. In a display of corporate elegance supino, Reserve managers opted for direct contact with their counterparts from rival business.

The worker acted alone

View the evidence provided by Reserve (IP addresses), OpenTable makers responded quickly and forcefulness: “We note our sincerest apologies to the Chicago restaurants that were affected by the impunity and dishonorable conduct of an employee acting alone OpenTable. When this activity has warned us, we have investigated urgently and we have terminated the employee with immediate effect. We have begun to contact the restaurants and we are determined to do the right thing”.

The employee had made fraudulent reservations for three months, bypassing security protocols established by OpenTable to safeguard the catering business in front of customers who do not show their reserves (penalty system that only supports three fouls per year). The employee, whose name has not transpired, made use of multiple accounts to make hundreds of bookings online for restaurants registered with competition.

Michael Wesner, COO Book, It underlines the intention of the strategy and the unrighteous target, clearly aimed at “Reserve damage”. Between the 45 Restaurants have been affected, They have also issued many criticisms. Particularly regrettable in the case of Tavern, OpenTable former client that after ten years relying on services provided by restaurant reservations company decided, in 2017, start a working relationship with Reserve. Became attacked one of the restaurants most virulent form by fraudulent reservations campaign initiated by the employee of contention.

“If you are the market leader, You're supposed to dial example. Why resort to undermine the reputation of the competitor and damage restaurants that have come to this?”, he asks upset Peter de Castro, co-owner of the establishment.

The explanation is simple. OpenTable is a company that revolutionized the market, but it is a power under siege. Where, in 1998 there was only a possibility, there is now a wide range of options when making online restaurant reservations. Some people prefer Reserve because “It has better restaurants, hot spots, just newer and more desirable”.

Different platforms struggle to win the favor of the most popular restaurants stressing about your statistics: the percentage of reservation cancellation, the applicable fees for services, the time required to complete the booking, the total volume of active users and many others.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Reserve is not the only competitor that OpenTable has to consider when designing your business plan long term; Losers, Yelp Reservations, Tock and many others are also involved in the fight.

If OpenTable wants to maintain its advantageous position in the sector will have to Cons address some of the most frequently blamed him: unethical behavior, poor collaboration with upscale restaurants, expensive monthly subscription and high charges for confirmed reservation, and practically nonexistent query tools databases that restorers sorely lacking both. Many buts for a highly volatile ecosystem, the providers of reservation services for restaurants.

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