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“Pay with Love” McDonald's


“Pay with Lovin’” es la nueva campaña que McDonald’s ha lanzado en Estados Unidos y que se presentó durante la Super Bowl 2015, getting to become the greatest impact ad night.

From the day 2 until the 14 February, coinciding with Valentine's Day, some randomly selected customers, You may redeem your order at McDonald's for demonstrations of love.

The operation is very simple, the manager or the restaurant staff will propose the client to make public any action that imposes a demonstration of love or happiness, and it accepts, in return you get all your order for free.

Some examples of these demonstrations have been; call to someone to express his love, give someone a hug, make a selfie or dance with the restaurant staff, etc.

Here's the video of the campaign:

Deborah choice, McDonald Marketing Director US, He commented that: “Pay with Lovin’ es una forma directa de comprometernos con nuestros clientes

This is the computer graphics that has been done to explain the action:


Aquí tienes algunos ejemplos de como los clientes de McDonald’s están utilizando el hashtg #paywithlovin to share their experience.

3paywithlovin photo Search Twitter

2paywithlovin photo Search Twitter

1 paywithlovin photo Search Twitter

But as always it happens with the giant American burgers when it's some action in social networks, there are users who take advantage of it to make criticism of the company.

4 Sally Kohn en Twitter   On February 14   McDonalds will let some customers pay with love. The rest will pay with heart disease and obesity.

5JustAThought McDonald s   Búsqueda de Twitter

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