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Mobile payments in restaurants using facial recognition


The best way to stay safe while waiting for the vaccine coronavirus is social distancing. Every little action we take without coming into contact with other people makes it more difficult for the virus to spread. And if we have learned anything in the last months is to keep the number of reproduction (the famous erre) below one causes infections to die under their own weight.

That is why one of the technologies that was timidly entering the world of commerce has gained traction after the lack of confidence.. We talk about the mobile payments or contactless, in which the consumer does not interact at any time with the cashier staff. There are no cards to fiddle, no cash that could be transmitted by SARS-CoV-2. The user of the mobile terminal only has to access their digital wallet, attend to the invoices that have been sent to you and confirm that you want to make the payment. Simple and easy.

However, this first generation of mobile payments contactless could be replaced soon by another innovative solution, the fusion of digital wallets with facial recognition.

Panasonic, the renowned electronics company, has partnered with PopID developers to create a mobile application that allows diners to be identified with just a photo and send their account to the profile of the mobile payment application they use.

The solution would not be limited only to the tables, but could be integrated into self-order kiosks and lanes drive-thru for, while safeguarding the health of visitors, reduce waiting times and improve the user experience of people who are encouraged to go through restaurants in these times dominated by the deepest uncertainty.

PopID contributes to this cooperation its software PopPay, a digital wallet that can now be integrated into the kiosks of Panasonic ClearConnect Kiosk. Although at the moment there are only well-defined plans for the self-order in store with a software consumer-guided design, there are intentions to adapt the technology for the lanes drive-thru.

Thanks to PopPay, the Panasonic restaurant material will have new utilities never explored in its products.. For example, the simplicity in the use of PopPay by the client makes it a magnificent claim. A few clicks are enough to register for the service, and from that moment the buyer can use the virtual wallet in any restaurant that accepts the service.

Far from needing a reception period, PopPay is already in use in some restaurants that have known how to see future trends and have adopted the novelty early.

To the previously exposed, we must add the capabilities of facial recognition. Although this topic is subject to much controversy due to possible breaches of people's privacy, the reality is that users who wish to do so can make full use of this technology to speed up their payments and make them as convenient as possible.

Both facial recognition and biometry they often receive negative propaganda against their use, the reality is that it is increasingly common to see this type of application in the world of restaurants. The sector is using technology to solve a whole range of problems, from revitalizing orders to anticipating negative experiences that a diner may suffer when eating in our restaurant.

A) Yes, PopPay stands out as a notable advance in the field, but it remains to be seen what the reluctance it generates among the population and whether the possible negative responses are far outweighed by the benefits provided by the tool.

At Panasonic, they are confident that mobile payments with facial recognition are the way to go from now on and that is why they bet without regard on their partner. Thanks to the joint work, users of kioscos de Panasonic You will be able to consult abundant information to make an order that best suits your preferences. Previous order history, redeemable points available, the option to reorder the same items and other actions will be possible without having to engage in conversation with the restaurant staff.

further, in this new normality that we have had to live, some of the restaurants that are already using PopPay have gone a step further. Thanks to some custom modifications made to the software, some restaurants are taking the temperature of hired staff and diners fully automated. If they detect that someone has a fever, they prevent access to the premises, in this way they guarantee that none of their establishments are involved in a case of regrowth, something that would certainly harm your public image in a very negative way.

In the post-pandemic world the smart use of pre-existing technologies can help restaurateurs take their business to a new level, prevail over rival local businesses or simply survive a highly complex situation. Digital wallets contactless, facial recognition in apps mobile phones and self-order kiosks, as well as any other innovation with great transformative capacity they will be crucial assets for years to come in this segment of the hospitality industry.

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