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Panera Bread, another coffee chain points to the trend of ultrapersonalización


It is no secret that for several years to offer a wide range of options for combining or accompany the dishes in restaurants is almost a necessity.

This service is part of the underlying idea that a further customization It adds points to the user experience perceived by visitors rate is above.

Hence, over time this approach has been extended to all segments of the catering sector. Nor wonder now we discover a new depth when it comes to customization. The amount of available options can become overwhelming.

Organized restoration dedicated to fast food has always been a leader in this field. The POS terminals which replaced the notebooks you command makes a couple of decades have caused waiting times for consumers are less. At the same time the customer gets a meal that best suits your needs and desires.

Self-service kiosks Tactile take this customization to a new level, allowing selecting each ingredient practically. This level of customization has recently been coined as ultrapresonalización and one of the macrotrends restoration in this 2019. While traditional personalization allowed appeal to common tastes cohort of people, ultrapersonalización can satisfy the tastes of the individual.

In the world of organized restoration, the benefits of this approach are not unknown. On the one hand improves user experience, so that the views expressed in the network polarize around the positive spectrum, and this in turn has meant that there is a higher than usual influx In the establishment.

On the other hand, consumer satisfaction and greater digital presence are not the only assets acquired by the company. When the customer selects through digital media, whether physical kiosks in the restaurant or digitally on the menu of some app applications online, the company is making large volumes of information about consumer habits of your audience. Some of the relevant data are:

  • Times when orders are placed
  • Order volume
  • Consumer preferences
  • recurring business
  • Effects of current promotions

Of course, This list is not exhaustive. However, It gives the reader a good view to understand the potential of the bases that can be erected macrodata thus. Analyzing the information collected can make informed decisions on opening hours, changes in the menu that would be beneficial to run or third-party applications (reserves the requests online) impact that higher incomes.

Panera Bread, one of the most important cafes and bakeries chains US. UU., announced this spring that would be the next franchise restoration would jump at the fashion ultrapersonalización.

This measure They intended to enhance its digital business volume what in 2018 It was around the 2000 millions of euros.

Along with this change in the mode of operation of the company, Panera Bread also make available to its customers detailed nutritional information including calorie intake. This information, Segregated that will appear as the ingredient, It aims to help combat the obesity crisis that exists in EE. THE., country which is the main market chain.

Until recently Panera Bread traditionally operated, change your mind about the customization options for their products arises because of the unexpected volume of business currently perceived. In 2019, digital sales have exceeded the company's total business observed in 2016.

In just three years digital transformation of the catering sector It has completely changed the future of Panera Bread.

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