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Breadbox wants to achieve 1.000 million in digital sales 2017


Panera Bread, a major US chains bakeries and cafes with presence mainly in the United States and Canada, It plans to raise between 1.100 million and 1.200 million in digital sales this year, as the company said last week in the canal CNBC. Currently, digital sales of the company are based on online orders, mobile orders and those made from various digital software offered at their restaurants.

These, They represent about 26% about the sales company totals, reaching up to receive weekly 1,2 million digital orders.

Panera Bread improves their accounts thanks to digital orders

This chain plans to achieve at least the 1.000 million in digital sales, a figure expected to double by the year 2019. Blaine Hurst, President of Panera, He made a statement in which he admitted that they had “come here much faster than expected”, and that Panera Bread has the highest rate of industrial orders online, only surpassed by the sector pizzas, which for some time has digitized the 50% of total transactions.

Hurst expressed optimism about maintain growth of digital sales company, that in an underestimation, it is estimated that They can reach the third of the company in the next 5 years. In any case, Hurst said it would not be surprising if half sales at Panera Bread 2020 were digital.

1.200 million digital orders every week

The Rapid Pickup program launched by Panera in 2014, was his entry into the digital universe and that was followed in the year 2016 delivery of orders in certain places.

Last April, the company stepped up its efforts to improve its delivery announcing they wanted hire 10.000 new workers end of 2017.

Panera CEO, Ron Shaich recently he stated that the intention of his company was not innovation or technology including because if. The ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience, Y the reason why implement technological innovations, of which must learn to make the most.

The company installed its restaurants touchscreens to speed up queues and allow customization of the plate by the customer while reducing errors staff. To significantly increase the number of orders, Breadbox hired more employees to handle both the increased volume of digital orders to serve these orders at the tables of diners, reducing the accumulation of customers in line collecting food.

Although the value of the shares of Panera descended in 2014, just when the company decided to invest in technology and digital platforms, in the year 2017 They have shot up more than 53%. This is mainly due to the pending acquisition by JAB Holdings, in a deal valued at about 7,5 millions of dollars.

The owner of Panera said about: "This acquisition it will not be a slowdown in the progress of innovation we are experiencing, Unlike. JAB Holdings wants to continue what we are doing, as we have clearly reached the Olympus digital leaders, where we live with the three major brands of pizza, "said Hurst.

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