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To work in this restaurant you have to demonstrate through Instagram that you are the perfect candidate


RUSK & RUSK It is synonymous with restoration and style, at least in Scottish. The restaurant group based in Glasgow (United Kingdom) It differs from the competition for its sober decoration, reminiscent of vintage smoking clubs choicest, prevailing in their establishments. And combine this imposing presence with rough aspect of their personal and hearty dishes based on meat, seafood and vegetables.

The founders of this initiative are Louise Rusk Y James Rusk, and currently they have four establishments: he Hutchesons City Grill and the The 158 Club Lounge Ingram street, he The Spanish Butcher Miller Street and The Butchershop in the number 1055 Sauchiehall Street. His commitment to a interesting synergy between quality food and unique style He has put developers in the right direction to open a new location, Sound L.A. Mitchell Street, which will open before year-end.

With all these fronts open, the Rusk brothers now face a new challenge: they have to recruit 80 new professionals to fill jobs which is expected to be needed counting the four local operating, successful and expanding, and new addition to the family.

How could it be otherwise, they have done so in a special way.

Listening to the cries of the Scottish youth, it has been querulous because the end banksiano awaits their curricula in most cases, they decided open selection process through the most influential social network at this time. A) Yes, those young and not so young in search of work were put to work on Instagram, platform through which the screen is performed.

What stimulated this offer so bold and unusual?

Areas that also Zycins The Scottish Sun He could find out first hand thanks to a brief interview with the cofounder. According to Louise Rusk, RUSK & RUSK as a business "is proud of its aesthetics both dishes and establishments", Young went on to explain: "Our decision about adding Instagram as a recruitment channel was fueled by the desire to access to the vast number of people who express their personality through the platform. This unique addition our recruitment strategy allows us to estimate the knowledge they have candidates on gastronomy and good eye for design, and likewise provide us with a sample of his creative identity, all skills essential to succeed ".

Although social networks are gaining ground on traditional methods when entering the working world, those interested in working in any of the three restaurants with vacancies (The Spanish Butcher, The Butchershop Y So L.A.) They did not have it easy. This is what they requested:

  1. Think of a dish or beverage showing the key features of the applicant.
  2. Photographing the dish or drink.
  3. Transmit the dish or drink is definitional using only the post title.
  4. Follow @RUSKANDRUSK and label image.
  5. Ensure that the account has public visibility.
  6. Deliver the application in this way before a specific date.

The hardness of the process is evident. Fortunately, for those who did not have the opportunity to respond in good time, and in the case of those others who simply they did not dare to take part in the race, This is not the only existing path if you want to work in Rusk & RUSK.

In the section on professional careers of their website requirements they are more understandable and simple: What it makes you amazing?, What are your talents?, what experience do you have?, Why would our delighted diners with you? It continues then asking spellcheck, a font visually pleasing (ruled out Comic Sans) and knowledge of the group's activities by sending the curriculum. statement with: "We are looking for people who love what you do!»

The recruitment process at restaurants exasperating often causes headaches among owners. In some countries like EE. UU., the number of young people willing to enter camaraderie posts, cooking or cleaning has decreased dramatically; in others, the problem is the high turnover rate due to poor adaptability of the Nerds, high technological requirements and factors outside the restaurant. All this together makes the task result strenuous.

Restoration professionals They will have to keep a sharp eye, because there are several trends that threaten to stabilize in the long term and will certainly affect the selection processes. Some of these are:

  • labor reforms. particularly notorious case in Spain considering that the minimum wage will increase by € 164.1 each January 2019. For the entrepreneur this implies a minimum extra cost of € 3767.4 considering the 29.9% corresponding social security contributions. It should be added to the amount I referred to other labor rights, which it varies the case, but experts like the economist Juan Ramón Rallo set at a 10% It is "extremely moderate".
  • Increasing rate of rotation. Forecasts economic growth cause professionals to be more aggressive in your job search because they know they have real possibilities to access a better paid position or a projection that best suits your life plans. On the other hand, Meanwhile he 40% of employees they are under 24 years, the number of applicants in that demographic group falls. The number of available candidates is reduced, but economic upheaval for the restorer increases.
  • technological demands and frustration in the workplace. The use of new technological solutions in the restoration It is not the answer to any challenge. For novices in the guild, to learn, manage and master all the digital tools (POS terminals, app mobile, reserve managers, sites reviews, social networking profiles) can result (And it will be!) frustrating. Labor neglect this phenomenon is associated with new onset, but are already substantial business sector who have experienced it in their midst.

Knowing these trends and know that there are alternative ways of recruitment will be quickly overcome periods with lack of staff. Linkedin because it may not be the best source of waiters, chefs and pinches, perhaps sean Instagram, Facebook y Twitter.

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