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Technological partners for the hospitality industry: This is how Pikotea benefits restaurants


The digital transformation restaurants is unstoppable. Technology provides a competitive advantage that is impossible to ignore in an environment as demanding as today's hospitality industry.. However, For professionals in this sector, it is not always easy to adapt to the latest market developments.

This is where the partners technologies with increasingly complete software.. These are companies with a human team specialized in the design and development of digital tools for the operation of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, cocktail bars and the like. Pikotea Software It is one of the best known in the Ibero-American field.

Picotea, a software national digital management

Pikotea Software is a young company that has managed to take advantage of the situation to expand at great speed and help your clients at a particularly delicate time.

It's about a software that integrates in the same software all the necessary management tools in the restaurant: from provisioning, management software, until the future customer loyalty plan. The list of options they offer is extensive:

  • Ordering platform
  • Interactive digital letter with additional information
  • Transmission of commands directly to kitchen screens
  • Monitoring and traceability tools for the client
  • Contactless payments via app
  • Cloud POS management system
  • Stock control and report analysis

The good work of the project has resulted in numerous clients using this system. Now, in a recent internal survey, the company has received feedback of your customers to know how the operation in their restaurants has changed thanks to the software.

Results of Pikotea's impact on restaurant performance

As expected, Pikotea Software clients who have opted for this tool to digitize their operations have perceived numerous benefits.

One of the most significant is that the ordering platform online Autopedidos increases the average amount per ticket dramatically. Recommendations for upselling manage to increase the value of the commands in a 24%. This value has been obtained by comparing the amounts of the orders online with those made directly to the waiter.

The digital letter has a lot to do with this being so. In addition to offering a clarity and comfort incomparable, the digitized menu may contain Additional Information about ingredients, allergens, pairing or side dish recommendations, reviews, different languages, as well as many other data that invite the diner to order their food with decision. This security provided by the information translates into an increase in the average ticket.

On the other hand, I also know increases the incidence of impulse buying. The recommendation of successful items induces the diner to spontaneously encourage themselves to ask for them. Pikotea Software is working hard to implement AI and Big Data based solutions that would substantially improve this metric. The service provided will be much higher in the near future so it is to be expected that the results in this regard will be even more promising..

The waiting time for diners for meals in the lounge or on the terrace has also been reduced. This causes an increase in 18% in the rotation rate of tables and an improvement of the user experience. Visitors can order and pay via Picotea Go without having to wait for the waiter to pass by your table to take your order or bring the bill. The command is automatically transmitted to the kitchen, previous review of the waiters; this avoids unnecessary delays.

With capacity still limited in many bars and restaurants, Improving the turnover rate of tables is the only way that hoteliers can increase cash flow. In this way, in the same shift, more people can be attended without calling into question the anti-drug measures.-COVID-19.

The reallocation of attributions thanks to digitization and automation of certain processes, as well as the improvement in communication, decrease in human errors, optimization of the organization and sales analysis allows to increase the efficiency of the human team around the 17%. This is especially evident in the peaks of influx to the premises: rush hours are no longer so chaotic and it is possible to serve customers without sacrificing quality of service.

The digital transformation of restaurants and New Hospitality

The coronavirus crisis has revealed how weak are the restaurant businesses that operate with a traditional methodology. digitization, he delivery and the automation of the processes in the establishment stand as fundamental pillars for the New Hospitality.

In addition to these three supports, advertising online it also helps to clean up the operation of modern restaurants. Pikotea Software is a partner ideal technology to follow this path. Not only does it offer a good number of tools, but we talk about a constantly evolving system and always at the forefront to respond to the new challenges that are emerging.

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