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Pasta Wiz, a new restaurant set in Hogwarts arrives in New York


Grasp your wands well because I will give Total Petrificus to take cognizance that there is a new entry into the world of Harry Potter. As we read in various headlines, such as Elite Daily, This announcement is creating rage among muggles fans of the series, which are looking forward to visiting this new temple of magic.

As well, It is Wiz magical restaurant called Pasta and is located north of the borough of Brooklyn, In New York. With medieval style decoration, big leather chairs, candlesticks, chalices and even the Sorting Hat, he Pasta Wiz It lets you enjoy the world of Hogwarts as we serve one and customizable organic pasta dishes in record time -from 3 a 5 minutes-.

Alex Dimitrov, Property owner, said that the idea of uniting the theme of Rowling's books with pasta restaurant It was given by the "magic of the service, because in less than 5 minutes customers have their delicious dishes ". The offer is varied and includes some essential such as the magic meatballs and shake Dragon's Blood, reports Gothamist.

yes, both Huffington Post like in Time Out, They have already launched a clarion call to Dimitrov to the absence of butterbeers in the letter, one of the biggest attractions for visitors muggles.

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