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Crazy people, articulated arms of robots for pizzerias arrive in Europe


A study of the state of the market carried out by the ING group shows that Europe is lagging behind the US. THE. and Asia in the implementation of robotics for restoration. That same report indicated that in coming years the number of robots installed in the kitchens of restaurants in the European Union would experience a rapid increase to equalize with the rest of the markets.

The change in the pace of adoption has not been long in coming. It took a pandemic for robots to begin to take root, but the bet for this technology have already arrived in the EU.

While in China there are several restaurants that function completely without human intervention (we talked in this newspaper about Guagngzhou Foodom, for example), in EE. UU., and especially in technological cradle California Berkeley and Silicon Valley, robots begin to occupy all the niches related to the sale of prepared foods.

In California and coffeemakers robotized, specialized vending machines in the most diverse products that use robots to provide services, restaurants that use chains of automatons to prepare salads ...

Or autonomous driving systems with deployment of delivery robots, As the Only R2: the first to pass the pilot projects and administrative requirements of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and that therefore will enter into commercial operation in 2021; a milestone exemplifies the transformation capacity that robotics has in the short term on the world of restoration.

Another block is made up of kitchen robots. In the world of pizzerias they are not unheard of. Domino’s Pizza they have been groped, and some other smaller brands such as juice they also make use of the latest innovations in this field to improve the user experience they provide to their customers.

These developments are now coming to Europe. Recently the inhabitants of the dormitory town Marne-la-Vallée, located a few 35 kilometers from Paris (France), They have a new attraction in your local mall.

The place, known as Val D'Europe, hosts dozens of shops, shops and markets. Like is logic, there are several restaurants offering meals to shoppers looking for bargains at the latest boutiques fashion or electronics centers. A seafood restaurant La Criée, al restaurante of the Hotel l'Elysée Val d´Europe, to Asian cuisine Veng Hour, the burgers Big Fernand and the Indiana Café, and the Hippopotamus steakhouse is now joined by a pizzeria that has an articulated arm that automatically prepares the restaurant's star dish: Pizza.

It's about the restaurant Crazy Robots and Gusto. Sébastian Roverso, co-founder and director of the project hardware business, explains in mind the initiative: «Not just a robot capable of making pizzas, is a restaurant fully digitized». Something in the coronavirus crisis it is very well valued, since contacts and contagion probabilities are minimized.

It is true, the only diners have to place your order and the entire device is operated to have the requested pizza in the shortest time possible. To minimize the expectations of the customers, they enjoy a better experience which then translates into better business fixation recurring. All customers who pass through Crazy people are deeply satisfied and show their willingness to return in the future. The key to making this happen is good price, Good Quality, the variety of options and show robotics.

The increase in speed in the turnover of customers who consume on-premise it also allows them to manage the performance of the premises in an optimal way despite the capacity restrictions.

further, are all amenities. Consumers do not have to order from the premises, you can use the telematic services to arrive and sit down to eat. orders are currently available via online or mobile applications, but in the future it arises install other media that meet the needs of users, including, among others, chatbots virtual assistants and conversational. Another step to regain customer confidence in times of COVID-19 and fight its incidence in the country.

It is strange that although the pizza was born in Europe, its baking in restaurants took so long to be automated in the old continent. This could be attributed to a certain rejection by society, that still saw in traditional cuisine a symbol of quality. But these prejudices are collapsing at high speed, eroded by good taste and excellent organoleptic characteristics of the products are prepared by food processors, cobots or articulated arms, but above all because of the coronavirus crisis. In any case, it is necessary to emphasize that the robotics for restaurants allows to homogenize the quality of the dishes served, making diner expectations match result delivered.

Even award-winning chefs in the pizza world, as Thierry Graffagnino, They have been quick to praise the good work of the machine. The triple world champion showed his fascination with finding out how they worked the articulated arms, filling mass, spreading the sauce and cooking together with the worthy master of one of the best chefs pizzeros.

The creation of the Pazzi Robots and Gusto has required extensive interdisciplinary team. Cyrill Hamon and Roverso have had the help of engineers, programmers, professional chefs and restaurants to realize this witty and ambitious restaurant. Its market launch could not have been better timed. Thanks to them the place is open to the public, the pizzas are tasty and prices to match any consumer's pocket (the amount is between 8 and the 14 Euro per pizza).

Nevertheless, the Pazzi not be unique in Europe for a long time. In its construction he has helped the company Philippe Goldman, October, an investment company after betting million euros by the idea of ​​robotics pizzeria seeks to expand the concept. The large areas of Val d’Europa They have outgrown this daring businessman, he now has his sights on the rest of the continent.

If the model tested with Pazzi proves solid from an economic perspective, Goldman plans to open 500 locales distributed throughout the French territory in a period of just four years.

It remains unclear whether such growth is possible, which itself is the reach of anyone passing by Marne-la-Vallée is seeing the articulated arms running. The kitchen is protected by a large glass screen that allows visitors to enjoy the show and then taste some of the 14 pizzas offered in his letter (The Queen Epazzibeth, Blochon and Reblochon!, Garden Party, The Titi Paris, etc).

Only time will tell if the pilot project is successful and the model is imported outside the borders of France. Hopefully, It may not be necessary to travel so far to see the harmonious movement spellbound food mixers, perhaps the Pazzi appear in major Spanish cities over the decade.

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