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Pepper, the first “camarebot” Pizza Hut employee


The employees world-robots and restaurants is a reality that sooner or later had to come, in this paper we have already spoken several times about it, although so far we have seen only a few examples not very lucky in Japan.

But today I want to share with my readers seem far more serious and may mark a trend in the restaurant industry, And is that the American franchise Pizza Hut has been associated with a financial company MasterCard to include robots waiters Asian restaurants in their late 2016.

The name of the first "camarebot" (the union of words and robot waiter) Pepper called and has been developed by SoftBank Robotics Corp. It was presented in the 2016 at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas with starting price 1.700$.

The robot can hold a conversation with customers, make recommendations and deals. In addition through a tablet bearing inserted into your chest you can display the menu options to take food orders and of course the option to pay the bill through MasterPass, digital payment service MasterCard.

But perhaps most surprising of all is that based on an artificial intelligence system, the "camarebot" may recognize expressions on customers as smiles, frowns, looks of surprise, anger and sadness. You can also detect changes in tone and non-verbal cues such as the nod.

As I said recently in an interview CEO de HoyPido.com, Nicolas Partial, "Nobody wants to talk to a robot, but with a friendly robot”, this is apparently what they want to achieve with Pepper.

For all, the only requirement is to have or open an account in MasterPass on the smartphone or scan a QR code that provides self “camarebot”.

He “camarebot” It is efficient and improves the user experience

It seems that Pizza Hut managers are delighted with their new employee on the basis of statements by Vipul Chawla, managing director of Pizza Hut restaurants Asia: “We are very pleased to welcome Family Pizza Hut Pepper, the goal is to make it easier for customers to participate, connect and place orders. Customers can reduce the waiting time and have a user experience more fun.”

Robot-PepperThe question we all ask ourselves before this case is; ¿Pepper is the first threat would be employees of fast food restaurants?

I sincerely hope not, but it is clear that digital kiosks are growing exponentially in this sector, and a very good experience by customers. Now you can quickly access the entire letter from restaurants and also pay your order without any human interaction, except in its delivery.

Pepper is nothing more than an evolution of these kiosks, if we add movement and Friendly-Bot relationship that allows customers face a different restaurant experience and reduce the cost of labor.

This can not lead us to deny a reality that works in favor of this technological development, And in this segment customers are demanding lower prices, wage pressure is increasing and to the being a competitive sector, are endangered margins.

It generates the breeding ground for alternatives which increase these margins and sustain these businesses, so it is possible that sooner rather than later see many Peppers running near us. Hopefully not.

Want to know Pepper?, look…

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