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Perfect Restaurant Project: Tips and ideas to get the perfect restaurant


a HIP 2020 You discover the keys to create a unique experience to your customers and identify the keys to optimal resource management and staff to have the perfect restaurant. Also we know the best restaurants and chefs in digital The Best Digital Restaurants 2020, the only awards in the world that recognize the digital management effort.

Do we know really how to be the perfect restaurant for the future? Having the perfect establishment is not an easy task, because there are many factors that affect success. To shed some light on respect, HIP – Horeca Professional Expo aims to identify the keys to the proper management of restaurants. Some success factors already started to discuss and analyze in last year through the specific agenda 3 days of the event: Perfect Restaurant Project.

5 Key elements to be the perfect restaurant

"At a time of great change, The catering industry is in the process of reinvention. Because, Perfect Restaurant Project becomes a work in progress to expand and analyze key axes of the perfect restaurant ", Eva stands Ballarín, director of Hospitality 4.0 Congress.

HIP 2020, which will take place in the 24 al 26 February in IFEMA – Madrid, will continue talking and debating the five factors identified in last year and which define the perfect restaurant: business model, digitization and profitability, protocol and operations, CSR and sustainability, and feeding the future.

Disruptive technologies and business models

With all the technological revolution, new habits and new business models, It is essential to analyze and know the future of the restoration in Spain. Thus, Perfect Restaurant Project will attempt to reveal the keys to the sector, always with an eye on the future. And the technology, as the artificial intelligence, increasingly playing a bigger role in the success of an establishment and restaurants that do not invest in it will no longer be competitive. In this sense, Benjamin Calleja, CEO de Livit, largest design firm in the world restaurants, will unveil its success story.

unique experiences for the success of a restaurant

In order to make the customer experience a memorable one, Queen Miter, responsible for marketing and innovation Mero Mole, It explains how to convert the hotel restaurants in gastronomic destinations.

dialogues, debates and keynotes that will try to respond to the factors influencing the perfect management of the restaurant.

A specific agenda for restorers

Hospitality 4.0 Congress is the largest international congress of trends and new concepts that brings together more than 30.000 entrepreneurs and professionals, 450 experts and 10 simultaneous auditoriums, and as such has a specific agenda for each profile and industry segment. A) Yes, Perfect addition to Restaurant Project, other summits of special interest to restorers as Agenda USA, where you can discover trends United States to succeed in Europe; the Digital Agenda, with the keys to highly digitized business; Revolution in Room, the latest trends in customer experience for the room; Dark Kitchens, Delivery & Food as a Service, a revolution that has come to stay; People Product Planet, sustainable practices, Circular economy, food waste and more; Culinary Action, Basque Culinary Center day dedicated to the gastronomic venture; O Cook Room, Gastro trends with showcookings, make HIP 2020 an indispensable appointment.

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