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¿Professional or personal profile for a restaurant in Instagram?


“Facebook will work to improve Instagram and build a large network. We continue to add new features to the service, searching new ways to create an experience for mobile photo getting better”. These were the words of Kevin Systrom, Instagram president when in April 2012, Facebook took control of the most important social network of photography the not inconsiderable figure of 1.000 millions of euros.

Since then it has grown exponentially, beating and 500 million users. When compared with networks like Twitter, with 305 million and more years on the market, the difference is almost 200 million users.

One of the biggest news was released not long ago in Spain: Company profiles Instagram. Many of those who are dedicated to Social Media we FINALLY! Statistics, buttons, data… All we needed.

The question now is: If you already I have a profile of my restaurant on Instagram, Did I make a company or leave it as it is? The answer is clear: A COMPANY turn it.

In this article we explain the main differences between the two and why you should make this change:

All information in your restaurant on Instagram with a single click

The easier we put our client, We obtain better results. It is logical, on the basis that not all our customers are experts in managing the platform Instagram: Why not directly show our mail, web or phone by entering our profile?

With the new company profiles can add the most important information of our business in buttons and links: Web, business category (it will be, default, the same as your Facebook page) and contact options (email, phone and physical address). The latter are the most important, since you can access them directly via the CONTACT button, appearing in our company profile.

Discover the details of your Company Profile Instagram

The main advantage of the company profile against the staff are statistics which gives us the platform. We can get data:

  • impressions: total number of times you saw your posts. Like Facebook, I compared this data with the previous week to see if evolution is favorable or not.
  • Scope: number of people who have seen our content (the only users).
  • Profile views: number of times your profile has been.
  • Web visits: number of people who clicked on the link to our web contained in the profile.
  • flagship publications of the week, sorted by number of impressions.
  • followers: where more data is received, because we can see the total number of followers who have, the more than the previous week, the percentage of men and women who follow us, the full age range and gender, its location (city ​​and country) it is included the times of day or days of the week in which more users are connected to Instagram, a data very interesting when creating the calendar contents of your restaurant.

Likewise, own publications we do in this photographic social network also offer us concrete data as the date and time that the publication was made, the total number of impressions, the scope or receiving interaction. We may know what kind of picture is more like our community.

For access statistics page just press the icon bar that appears at the top right corner of our company profile. Statistics for each publication, we click the picture and click "view statistics".

To access the statistics page just press the icon bar that appears at the top right corner of our company profile.

Make your advertising campaigns directly from Instagram

After performing hundreds of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, we have concluded that the latter costs are, as usual, Lower. We assume that is because Facebook wants us to "Let's Hook" promote our content on this platform, although the way advertising is displayed to the user also it helps reduce costs per share.

When you activate your Company Profile restaurant, Instagram gives you the option of promoting publications you do directly, bypassing the editor of Facebook Ads, under two specific formats:

  1. Visits to the web: introducing a button call to action, Visitors to your ad can access the web from your restaurant. We can set up the public, the budget and duration of the ad.
  2. Receive calls or visitors in your business: based on the data entered to Enlist your company profile, you can promote a publication by adding a button on your phone, to call you, or with your address, showing a map with your location to the public near the restaurant.

Remember that images must have the recommended resolution for Instagram to use them in promotions. Otherwise it will not allow you to make such campaigns.

How to activate a company profile on Instagram for restaurants?

How to activate a company profile on Instagram for restaurants?

  1. In the upper right corner of our profile, find button Account settings.
  2. From there, We seek to "account" and "Switch to Company Profile".
  3. On the next screen we appear "Connect your Facebook page" and all pages are displayed manage. We select the one we want associated with our company profile.
  4. On the last screen we will see the "Setting up your company profile" where we can review the contact information for our business and we include information that does not appear to us automatically.

After entering all the information, our company profile will appear as Instagram. Do not worry, It is a reversible process.

Currently, Instagram is forcing companies to have active this profile. But in the future I could do, as already made Facebook. However, we recommend to activate it for a simple reason: The easier you put your client, best. And the more information you can get it, much better too.

And you Have you already activated your Instagram Company Profile?

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