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Personalization of digital restaurant management


As a consequence of the current health crisis, the restaurants are subject to numerous restrictions to protect public health. that way, getting the most out of all available resources is more important than ever.

To get it, nothing better than to include a digital management application that integrates all fronts of the business. Of the different existing, Pikotea Software is presented as one of the most suitable candidates for hoteliers.

Allows the store manager to develop ordering strategies on the mobility market easily thanks to Autopedidos, one of the functions of software.

It also speeds up the service and improves the user experience in the establishment, using QR codes to order 100% contactless, perform it requests online from anywhere for home delivery or takeaway.

Omnichannel in the New Hospitality is a key lever to be competitive in this complex market, in this way, restaurants can avoid losing customers through digital or telematic channels, as well as for a suboptimal service (outdated letter, lack of information about offers and promotions, errors in the commands, non-existence of a traceability service ...).

further, by automating the whole process, Investment in salaries can be optimized by limiting the backlog of orders at certain times or by making it unnecessary for restaurant staff to fill orders manually.

On the other hand, the Advantages of Autoorders are the usual ones in this type of systems: increase in the average amount of orders via upselling smart, Loyalty of clientele and reinforcement of the brand image by promoting the publication of positive reviews In the net.

Cost reduction, increase in sales, attracting new customers, improving the user experience, loyalty ... Digital restaurant management tools have the potential to substantially improve business performance and profitability even during the current coronavirus crisis.

Especially the improvement of the consumer experience has the capacity to increase the volume and frequency of business in the middle of a pandemic thanks to word of mouth.

This type of digital management solutions for restaurants guarantee security in the premises, reinforcing the philosophy contactless In the establishment (digital menus and remote payment via app mobile), but also puts data in the hands of the client, information and transparency.

The plasticity of these digital management tools allows the hotelier to adapt them and personalize your content according to the vision of the premises sought. If the professional wants to include a manual on the anti-COVID-19 protocols in force in the establishment, can do it. If you want to add information about the origin of the ingredients or the allergens contained in each item of the menu, can do it. If you want the menu to be also available in German ... You can!!

The interactive digital letter is another of the strengths of Picotea, it is tremendously visual, and linked to Autoorders, make this Hospitality POS software, one of the most complete tools for the restaurant sector.

But what makes it a fully integrated application that allows you to connect screens in the kitchen to present the orders there, as well as a general management system designed for the sales control, preparation times, cash inflows and outflows, and more, from anywhere and in real time.

In restaurants, Bars and cafes have used this functionality to serve tables that are widely separated from each other due to municipal guidelines and this has allowed the optimal use of waitress staff. One of the most outstanding advantages of using technology in restaurants is the increased table rotation speed. The time each table is occupied is reduced 26 minutes on average; Or what is the same, an increase in the rotation speed of the 35%.

You wonder if our restaurants are performing as much as possible. If we consider that there may be inefficiencies, tools like Pikotea Software can take our business to a new level, No doubt. And with this the digital transformation of restaurants continues.

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