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Tops foot or ordering a pizza through your shoes


Pizza Hut created the first shoes that carry the pizza directly from your feet up to your mouth. Although it sounds strange, innovation of this great brand fast food has to do with a pair of slippers, to which they have dubbed Pie Tops, allowing order pizza with a button It found in tab. A new example of how Apply “Internet of Things” the restaurant industry.

This international firm It is characterized by technological advances, among which the waiters robots there is in some of its stores, but these tennis takes the cake. Its operation is simple as we can see in the video: shoes are connected by Bluetooth to a mobile application Y, Pressing the button, the request is sent to the nearest restaurant Pizza Hut along with the exact location of the user.

Hereinafter, Besides making orders via Internet, there will be a number of lucky people who can do their shoes. And these courts are not available for purchase: solo 64 People will be able to order your pizzas with the tongue of his shoes, mostly athletes, influencers and celebrities.

As stated David Daniels, vice president of media and advertising Yum Brands in Merca 2.0 with "all this promotion is intended to highlight just how easy it is to order pizza from Pizza Hut online".

competing in sector fast food, reaches the 50% sales of the entire restaurant industry, and constituting the pizza 15% Of demand, Pizza Hut should make an extra effort to stay at the forefront of technology. They were already known different creative gadgets that formed between their products, as a box that became projector O in mixer, but these shoes will help give them the final leap to the podium of innovation.

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