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Pinterest, the social network that inspires restaurants


Pinterest is an inspirational network, a place where customers seek and find ideas that will move them to act in the future. But the performance of the restaurants in this social network should not only be carried away by the current of inspiration and forget contribute to the daily life of the company, either sales, conversions or something as important as brand image.

And Pinterest makes it easy, because it has one of the tools native for more powerful information online world: Pinterest Analytics

There are other tools that also provide you with information as Buffer, Hootsuite O Tailwind; but in the humble opinion of the author of these lines, the most interesting data is in the internal application itself. These other platforms you will bring other layers of information, but no the heart of the matter.

Among the information provided on Pinterest Analytics large companies, there are very interesting data that can also be used for SMEs: as the saying, “Information is power", and your own digital home is critical to managing your restaurant.

If you've already contracted this service with a company that manages you, It performs measurements and presents dashboards, You may know some of the details that you are going to tell. If not and you yourself who self manage your digital presence or have delegated to someone in your organization, the information below will detail you will be extremely interesting.

Registering your restaurant as a company in Pinterest

The first step is simple and fast: profile convert your restaurant in a Pinterest Company Profile.

Company profile It gives you access to a number of advantages, how to make promotions (operation that is not yet available in Spain but we hope it will be soon), checking the website of your company, O access to analytics, among other.

Pinterest Analytics

entering in analytical you will encounter a series of menus:

  • The first analyzes your Pinterest profile, offering data for a selected period, such as:
    • Average number of times a day your pins are
    • Average number of users who see a day
  • It offers an interesting additional information that allows you segmenting audiences, which it is the device from which you have accessed the Internet
  • further, details the most popular pins and boards that is accessed more frequently (regardless of the number of followers of each board)
  • The second of these menus gives you information on the repines; that is to say, how much, how and when your posts are viral one Pinterest
  • The third shows visits to your website from this social network; and this because we love, lest we forget, who access our site is closer to being our customer
  • And the fourth offers General information the entire period during which your company has been in Pinterest (regardless of when it was established in Company Profile, eye), devolviéndote data as:

However, What good is all this avalanche of data to a restaurant?

The first thing to understand is that the data, if they are well taken, data but are not indicative of behaviors of people.

People who can, o no, be our customers, may, o no, go to our restaurants or attend our events, but they should always be those who want them to: with profiles, pleasures, interests and peculiarities.

Relevant data and information, as we noted above, is power:

Power of persuasion, from Loyalty, from differentiation, Key elements for the digital strategy of any restaurant, Pinterest and elsewhere.

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