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Pinterest and augmented reality for restaurants


Pinterest is already a reality, but now also Augmented reality… Yes, as you hear, R.A. onwards, is "the new paradigm" that many doubt really, but what It offers possibilities awesome for all human activities and including, el Digital Marketing.

But first let's define what Augmented Reality, for distinguish what is the Virtual Reality Y other technological advances.

"The RA is a technology whose purpose lies in offering layers of additional information that we naturally offer our senses". Fatima Acien (Arpa Solutions)

"Layers of additional information" to which naturally we receive through our senses. It is a curious concept, as This is not a totally new reality but, And we could define, "Enriched" with new data and information.

Augmented reality, a technology that is not new

This technology is available for years and yet, has failed in practice the tremendous penetration expected in its infancy, except for the appearance of phenomena like Pokemon Go. Probably because besides the obvious technical and economic difficulties in its implementation, Its use Leg It is not a reason in itself, or at least it is not in the world of business, where everything should have a role and a practical purpose.

Good, well Pinterest has already found time to apply in the use of technology through the newly announced development Lens, an application designed to suggest pin from the surrounding reality of users.

You could say that Pinterest had long been without proposing new features and developments, although we follow closely this social network know that are not exactly rushing in their progress or are thrown into the ring without trial after trial to be convinced of the ground beneath their feet. In fact, this innovation of which I speak is not available in our country, It was first introduced in USA in the coming weeks and it will be implemented later in other markets where it is present Pinterest.

Notice to mariners: not seek "Lens" of options on the web or the Apple or Android stores, because they are not yet available They take some time to reach Europe.

Not much reason being the fact propose new actions Marketing for Restaurants in Spain planning to use it in the very short term, although we could speculate on what actions have been possible and rethink that strategy we should have developed just one month ago:

  • ¿A contest for "best pin", offering discounts, awards or credits?
  • Does participation in collaborative board?


Pinterest will be an essential online marketing tool in the future

There are endless possibilities, After the here the only limit is the imagination. And this news comes not alone, as they are developing and some more advanced two other functions:

  • Instant Ideas
  • Shop the Look

Of this, the latter appears to be closely linked to the restoration, though perhaps they could consider actions for hospitality chains with home delivery, cross-promotion and branding strategies, after his arrival in Spain: everything goes as far as possible.

Nevertheless, Ideas Instant does fit quite in the culinary field and this gives it great potential to become a standard tool in our strategies: The new feature allows the user to "select" inspiring moments, including, if we can access our restaurant will get a special place to exhibit our products and communicate with customers, potential or actual.

With these functions new possibilities are opened for strategies restaurants in Pinterest and it shows again what marketers, online u offline, always advocated: There is not there should never be an immutable strategy, but it It should always be adapted to the circumstances, to the wishes and needs of those who are at the center of all our customers ....

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