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Tracks and map to plot the best route Foodie


And we continue tracing the route foodie ... In the previous article, based on Appoint methodology Thinking, we went into the process by putting the focus on the first phase: “The Foodie Experience ".

We discovered that to reach the epicenter of this, our target customer, it was necessary to bring their "shoes" ... Mptisr with them and they; and to do so we needed observe, hear and interact.

In order to make this task a source of valuable information and differential, we present a very interesting tool: Map of Empathy (developed by XPLANE).

As well! It was time enjoin with the. Today we will know, who has not previously had the pleasure. We hope that the map becomes Empathy a recurring ally to innovate, in order to satisfy your Foodie. Who knows, maybe it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as they say in the legendary film Casablanca.

The photo: What, why and how

What is Empathy Map? It is a tool to learn more, in this case the Foodies, clearing unknowns and make the necessary findings, with us create a product or service that really add value to them.

What is it for? Not to be like one of those restaurants or businesses who see their customers as unknown entities and inanimate. As beings of abstract character, on which plan strategies and tactics based on assumptions.

foodie It is not only facade and this map which you can daisy deshojarlo. To discover their deepest longings, its most intense pain and essence, the key, the main need but also hidden latent Foodie your business can try to cover.

And finally… How do we implement? If we take the drawing of the map (I recommend that you draw on A1 or A2 size) we can see that there is a "someone" in the center of the ...

Empathy map Foodie

Empathy map Foodie

Using Empathy Map Foodie

  • We must liven

We name put our prototype. Humanize mental image to make it real. Photo search (of someone you know or not) embodying the foodie. Give it a name, an age, a trade, a personality.

For example Aitana, 35 years, Professor of English. Out in a 3 years with Alberto de 40, Chemical engineer; and they incorporated a bulldog and a Siamese cat to the relationship and to the house where they live in the neighborhood ruzafa, in Valencia. With all this we are putting the framework, we're making it real.

  • Let Aitana and let us be in group

This is a task that It should be together, because it will be much more enriching, It gives better results and be fun. We respond one by one to the following questions which arise on the map, gets a wad Post it and start writing and put in place.

What feels and thinks?

Expláyate ... Aitana is a woman of the world, viajera, He has lived in several English-speaking countries and has returned to Spain. Do not eat or live just anywhere. He likes the culture, try new things, meet and mix new concepts and share with other people, also it has a global perspective and respectful of the planet. Looking every day a time to enjoy with your partner, family or friends, sharing some experience related to gastronomy (supermarkets, cervecita, gastrobar, cooking lessons…).

That hears?

What information perceives its environment. Could be: Their comrades s work ask you to go on weekends or surprise your guests. That new places to enjoy from the point of view more foodie open every day,etc.

What do you see?

Linked to his view foodie. People generally is monotonous and does not change their routines. Offering products and services aimed at increasing their tastes, but do not just provide mostly true value ...

What say and do?

How it behaves with the world, What is your way of being habitual, what their way of life, How is their appearance and how they express their identity. Here we show Aitana how you live your perspective and how foodie express to the world.

Top Foodies in England.Telegraph Uk

What are your efforts?

It is costing in your life, What complications have, What are your limits ... which interferes with Aitana to enjoy and be a foodie. Could be: Part-time work and limited economic arrangement despite having much free time. Not easy to find a restaurant where recipes explaining what you eat and drink. Businesses do not really listen to the customer ...

Results What motivates? Aitana wants to live and interpret the world through gastronomy. His best time of the week is on Thursday when everything will plan the weekend with your partner and friends for fun. Enjoy discovering new experiences in his travels and his dog always accompanies them, which minimizes the chances due to tight supply ...

Make filter and build your character with all the information

Surely aspects have appeared and did not expect They give you many clues the way forward, to create or re-design your products and services reoriented to foodies.

This does not stop here. You probably already have the crux of the matter ... you already have defined your travel destination, but this can not be a mere hypothesis, or details can be left to chance or almost certainly you will encounter insurmountable obstacles. We'll have to take action in their natural habitat ... and that will be our next milestone. Here we go!!

About the Author

Laura Laiz is an expert in Innovation, HR and Tourism. University professor and consultant in Florida, performs academic coordination of various masters and postgraduate training.


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