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Pizza Factory, restaurant chains spend a model 100% digital


The price of a home in the New York is prohibitive. Although according to the Real Estate Committee of New York land value is in gradual decline, with an average price of 3.100 euros per square meter, every inch of surface features.

Prima as the frugality in the use of space, and a fast-food this can be somewhat elusive.

Not for pizzeria Pizza Factory de Long Island. In an unprecedented collaboration with Slice, the applying food orders online specializing in pizza, The new facility becomes one hundred percent digital.

Local owners know what they are. His other two traditional outlets, the Uncle Paul's Pizza and Paul's Times Square, They are a success in the Big Apple. The new initiative is a bet for the future, a bet for a digital age.

When the food orders online surpass physical purchases

To address all the fuss pizza looks like a logical evolution. “Thirty years ago nobody had mobile. Now, Imagine someone without one”. A short phrase owner who highlights the spirit of enterprise.

He increasing the number of food orders online made from a desktop or mobile application is incessant. It is an upward trend linked with the adoption of technology. Soon, order a pizza online and receive it at home will be a learned behavior. He point of no return is next and Pizza Factory want to lead the bell curve.

The have all of them. In addition to Allocated to reduce rental costs, the pizza shop He does not worry or get provisioned or customers. Workers in the future chain only cooking, packaged and distributed The pizzas.

The remaining tasks are in the hands of POS for restaurants, Slice.

The app It is famous for having established trade relations with a number of local pizzerias. In fact, Slice there are more establishments Domino’s in the U.S. Of course, figure no no great franchise between profiles promoted. Since participants gives a brutal exposure, some businesses have assessed that without finding customers is economically viable.

The Pizza Factory does thanks to the tablet SliceOS, he POS terminal from which performs order management and billing. In the eyes of the owners of fast food restaurant, ignore the ancillary tasks maximizes profits.

Glimpsed the future of POS for fully digital restaurants

One of the biggest fears among early adopters are the outages. In a business where customers need Internet access inescapably, an interruption of operation of the digital intermediary can leave cold ovens and empty boxes.

Slice makers understand the risk and reassure their partners by using redundant systems and contingency plans.

With this level of security, Pizza Factory has embarked on an adventure that will last two years, time that purport to show that they can be the flagship of digital pizzerias.

If your vision is materialized, in 2020 pillaremos them with Handed expanding its presence across North America.

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