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Pizza Hut creates a mixer made their pizzas box


The innovation and recycling are two concepts with a strong presence in the current marketing, why business practices today tend to opt for these pathways when endear consumers it is. To get it, many decide to establish working in a way environmentally.

Pizza Hut He has gone further and has left your imagination to create something fantastic, has decided reusing cardboard boxes of their pizza to manufacture a mixer also, Also works.

Nevertheless, Pizza Hut is the only restaurant that has had an ingenious idea to recycle and get the attention of your customers. other restaurants, hotels and owners various businesses are copying the project.

Novalia and Pizza Hut make music

Novalia and Pizza Hut have teamed up to make magic or, rather, music. After all is a pity that pizza boxes end up in the dustbin after the company invested large amounts of money in the production and marketing of the same.

Why not give them a new use? There are millions of ways contribute to environmental conservation taking a little imagination and opting for ecological actions. The mixer has discovered us a new way to create low-cost technology with which Novalia y Pizza Hut They have shown that we can find enjoyment anywhere without spending too much money and promoting respect for nature.

How does it work?

this innovation, customers of the fast food chain Pizza Hut will know when you order their pizzas, has been made possible by cardboard boxes are wrapped in pizza and the conductive ink.

Simply translating design a mixer in the cartons and by conductive ink it is possible to operate the control tone and volume, and the two plates, together. The system comes complete with a battery box that connects to your computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, few will be lucky customers who will enjoy this coffee table made mixtures with a box Pizza Hut, as It will only be on sale in the UK and in five specific points in an exact date. The expectation is great and will be the company's own fast food which proclaimed in its Twitter the time and place where the sale of these mixtures as select boxes will be held, the caja musical pizzas.

Other food chains that surprised with ingenious proposals

Pizza Hut is not a pioneer in developing cunning to try to capture the attention of customers. A similar idea was McDonald Netherlands, presented trays for food that could become functional keyboard to use the smartphone while it is eating or, a recording studio in service trays.

Another restaurant that has followed the same line has been Kentucky Fried Chicken, also he launched a few months ago bucket with USB to charge mobile while the customer enjoys their favorite fried chicken wings.

Today's customer is demanding, but also bold, eager to try new experiences and educated at multitasking, loves to make every minute of your day and if you are enjoying, better.

Lunchtime is not only a moment of gastronomic enjoyment, but, especially when eaten at, It is also a time which is intended for leisure or work. As seen, Fast food restaurants have taken note of it.

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